Nazneen here, I’m fifteen years of age and a so called ‘Tomboy’ since day one.
I love it. Those around me, not so much.

Scrolling and Reading these posts and got me thinking.
why all these labels.
Cant we just call ourselves unique.

We are after all.

‘Be like a diamond, precious and rare, not a like a stone found everywhere’

Thats the motto, yolo.

Next time your mums argue, because you wore jeans to a wedding or wore sneakers and flatcaps..

Its a way of expression, this tomboy thing.
If you feel happier in sneakers, then girl, I’ll buy you an all stars factory for your birthday.
I believe i’m human. not some tomboy who will always be too fat to fit in or too boyish to hang with the populars.

Life’s a game.
And we boyish ones, know how to play a good game like sport.


Hi guys we’ll how shall I begin
I am a tomboy I like it. People says that why do u like being boyish all girls say that.
I hate it , once I told my mother that I want to be a boy but my mother say u are not going to be a goby u must be a girl a polite a respectful girl !

I love sports I play soccer,baseball and basketball.
U no that being boyish is awesome is not like u have to be girly types u can always be anything we want !


Yo tomboys! I’m Saumya but my friends call me Sam. I was a tomboy since I was 3 (playing with hot-wheels and hating girlishness) but my mum forced me to turn into a girly girl. I hated that phase of my life believe me my lil sis has very few clothes that aren’t pink. So when I came in the 6th grade I reverted back and that annoyed my mum. Trust me!!! I stopped wearing pink and all that girly shit. I only wear earrings because of my culture and only I put lip balm. The boys in my class now freak out when I raise my fist all the troublemaker boys freak out. Even though my class has girlish girls, they all are my friends.


Hi, my name is Ariana. I’m 12 right now, and a tomboy. My whole life, I never wanted to follow “typical girl stereotypes”. I found out about tomboy, and turns out, I was a tomboy. I wear boys clothes and enjoy it! It feels so right. But, my brother and his friend continue to bully me about being lesbian. But, I truly am not! I ignored the comments and went off to school. When I accidentally told my friend I wore boys clothes, she freaked out, and said this; Me “So what if I wear boy’s clothes? It’s just a piece of fabric.” Her “But, boys clothes have boy colors.” This was rediculus. It took me a while to realize, she was being really rude, and it really hurt me, to know that my best friend that I’ve known for 3 years, was now against what I liked! I ignored her. I told my mom and she said “So what if she says you’re wrong? She’s wrong.”. So, to all tomboys who have gotten bullied… keep doing it.


Yo, dudes!!! No, my name isn’t really Mongoose. That’s my school nickname. Anyway, I’m in sixth grade and pretty darn close to a through and through tomboy! I am LDS (Mormon) and church is the only time I really dress up. I play the viola (NOT VIOLIN!!!!!) and I’ll admit, I love being in plays. But who says acting is girly? I was in 101 Dalmatians as Sergeant Tibbs the cat, Annie Get Your Gun as Becky Oakley, and The Aristocats as Private Ssoise! Every one of my characters have been tough and- well, awesome!!! I love writing and may soon be a published author!!! 😀 I also love reading!!! I love video games, but I’m not allowed to play games with blood. I’m a tomboy, but I hate bloody video games, I’ll admit.  I love the Legend of Zelda, though! I love Old Norse mythology and Dragons. My tomboy friend and I hardcore believe in Dragons! We love talking about female warrior elves in Medieval stories. This may sound strange, but we believe we have elemental powers. I’m a Waterbender!!  🙂  I’m a HUGE Marvel fan and I LOVE reptiles and bugs! I have a Bearded Dragon named Elly and two Labradors named Trek and Rain. I hate cute animals, dolls (mostly because I’m scared of them), girly movies or shows, pink, dresses, Valentines Day, and romance. I love action, sports, animals, mud, giant dogs you can wrestle with, boyish and Marvel movies and shows, orange, brown, longboarding, Europe, words, Brave, Tron, people, singing, my bro and sister, and The Book Thief. My mama hates when I act like a tomboy, but papa doesn’t care. I’m mostly Scottish and love acting German. I’m so happy to meet more fellow tomboys!!! Later dudes!!!


Hey there, I’m Jordan, a 13-year old tomboy. I’ve been a tomboy for… oh, I don’t even know. I think I slid away from a girly-girl personality probably at the end of 1st grade. Something like that. Currently, I am neither popular nor unpopular at school- I’m friends with almost everyone, but not exactly popular. My closest friends (besides my cousin) are all boys, and I’ve known them (with the exception of one person) since preschool and kindergarten.
I feel like I’ve identified myself as a tomboy since I was 9. And when I was about 11, I started to prefer a band t-shirt or Chicago Bears jersey with gym shorts and tennis shoes over sparkly tees, sequined jeans, and girls’ Sketchers or sandals. My mom doesn’t exactly like me being a tomboy, she tries to get me to wear girlier clothes, paint my nails, change my hairstyle (it’s pretty plain, thick hair a bit padt shoulder-length and long, messy bangs), or at least hang out with more girls. For my thirteenth birthday, I wanted to invite over my best friends- like I said, all boys, about 5 of them, to play video games. This hasn’t happened yet (just had my birthday recently) but I have a feeling it won’t.
So, to sum it up, my parents don’t accept me as a tomboy. They make me wear girly clothes, and try to make me change who I am and change my friends. My mom has even threatened to take away my gym shorts, khaki shorts, and most of my t-shirts.
And why does she do this, you may wonder?
She has told me it’ll apparently affect my reputation, especially hanging out with boys all the time.
Not sure how it will, though- everyone has already figured out I’m a tomboy.
Oh yeah… On the second day of school, in the lunch line, a girl turned to me and asked if I was a girl or a boy. She wasn’t sure, because for the first 2 days of school I’d gotten away with wearing what would be considered boys’ clothes. I kinda felt triumphant after that, like I’d accomplished something… I’m not sure why I felt like that. (Seriously, though, I don’t know how she confused me for a boy, even with my possibly confusing clothes. My chest isn’t exactly close to flat, though I kinda wish it was).
Sorry for such a long story, I feel like I was rambling on but also missed some stuff… probably because it’s 11:09 PM
Oh well :/

Aiyana ( I-yonna )

I’ve always been a tomboy. When I was six I would be dressed in all boy clothing. I am 12 right now. My dad hates it and says I look like a hobo when I go out. I really want to cut my hair short but my dad, mom, and step- mom don’t agree with me. Some people refer to me as him or he instead of she or her. My hair is long but I hate it. Mostly all my friends are boys but some refuse to be my friend because of how I look. I have a boyfriend and it’s alright, but it doesn’t feel normal.


My name’s Tanya, and im a tomboy like u guys. I always hate wearing short shorts, sleeveless, well probably anything that is girly. Especially acessories! I only wear modestly and wear ballers, caps, anything simple. I mostly hate being looked by guys and men on the streets. Like a sexy stare or like a look showing he’s interested whatsoever…UH!!! I REALLY HATED IT. It disgusts me. Plus i get insecure but yet still proud of d way i dress. Sometimes my mom will tell me thngs like “you’re going to be a widow someday” and i hated it. I hate people who judges me. I do have a lot of guy friends and ever since i was around 8-12 i am really into sports and im really hyper. I dont care getting dirty and all that. I also just roll my eyes off when girly girls scream ‘ewww!!! ‘ or squeal. Some of my guy friends likes me, and i never feel the same way. EVER. Im attracted to girls and sometimes fantasize about them.
Now that im 13, im still a tomboy. Deep in my hart i always will be. And thanks for reading, guys! Stay strong and always believe in yourself!

Zoe (aka Joey)

Ok,so most girls are tomboys cause we are all boyish.Well,not me.I’m a T.B. because I’m special. If I had the choice of being popular or being a worth nothing tomboy,I’d pick being a t.b cuz they rock.My sister from anotha mister,Joey #1,stands up for me no matter what I look like or act like.We will be BFFs till death….or longer! We stick together through everything and always will. I’m Joey #2,and I’m the biggest t.b. ever. Btw,I give all my friends that are boys,nicknames like Tinkerbell,Nothead,and Troll Queen(long story for Troll Queen)! And if you’re a Tomboy it doesn’t mean you’re gay.(my friendemmie told me I was gay and I beat the crap out of her!)So,until next time….WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY!?