My nickname is Kiki and it’s what I like to go by, it’s cute. Anyways, I’m thirteen and I’m a tomboy. I’m short too, so people bother me about both things. Most tomboys on this site arn’t lesbians, but I’ll just come right out with it. It isn’t like it changes me. I knew I was a tomboy ever since third grade, I remember complaining to my mom about the clothes she tried buying me and stuff she’d try to make me do, like ballet. I just changed to hip hop, haha. Well, thanks for reading, buddy.


I’m 15 years old and have always liked to dress in a t-shirt and baggy jeans I have short skater hair when I go out to public I’m always getting asked if I’m a guy or girl it doesn’t bother me I like looking like a guy but my mom HATES!!!!!!!! It she is forcing me to wear girly clothes and if I don’t like any of the clothes in the store she picks my clothes out for me and tells me I’m going to wear it I don’t feel comfortable in girly clothing and it makes me feel like I’m not myself I just dread going back to school because I don’t want to look girly and I’m scared I’m going to loss my friends because they don’t dress girly at all and I hang out with guys a lot but the girls I hang out with are all tomboys or butch/dyke lesbians and I’m also a lesbian I just feel like they won’t like me bacause how I have to dress I’ve tried talking to my mom about how I feel about girly clothes and how I don’t feel like myself when I’m wearing that but she is so strict and just stops listening to me and yells at me and tells me she doesn’t care if I like it or not but I’m going to have to wear the girly clothes I really need some help on what to do so she will let me dress how I want to so that I’m comfortable and so that I feel like myself