Hi, my name is Ariana. I’m 12 right now, and a tomboy. My whole life, I never wanted to follow “typical girl stereotypes”. I found out about tomboy, and turns out, I was a tomboy. I wear boys clothes and enjoy it! It feels so right. But, my brother and his friend continue to bully me about being lesbian. But, I truly am not! I ignored the comments and went off to school. When I accidentally told my friend I wore boys clothes, she freaked out, and said this; Me “So what if I wear boy’s clothes? It’s just a piece of fabric.” Her “But, boys clothes have boy colors.” This was rediculus. It took me a while to realize, she was being really rude, and it really hurt me, to know that my best friend that I’ve known for 3 years, was now against what I liked! I ignored her. I told my mom and she said “So what if she says you’re wrong? She’s wrong.”. So, to all tomboys who have gotten bullied… keep doing it.


My nickname is Kiki and it’s what I like to go by, it’s cute. Anyways, I’m thirteen and I’m a tomboy. I’m short too, so people bother me about both things. Most tomboys on this site arn’t lesbians, but I’ll just come right out with it. It isn’t like it changes me. I knew I was a tomboy ever since third grade, I remember complaining to my mom about the clothes she tried buying me and stuff she’d try to make me do, like ballet. I just changed to hip hop, haha. Well, thanks for reading, buddy.