Hey I’m Natalie….
I’m a 12 years old tomboy….
So when i was young i was never playing with dolls or with other girly things. And that actually hapens and now. At the school,the girls leave away when they see me. But i don’t care!

All my friends are boys…I really don’t get on well with girls, i fuckin’ hate all that girly things that they say.
I hate dresses, skirts a.o. I prefare to wear jeans with shirts …and always my dirty sneakers.And just leave my hairs down and nothin’ else, i never wear make up (I HATE IT).

I love playing football and videogames…i like skateboarding and BMX…..i love dogs.I’m not afraid of anything. And others….

All my friends tell me that i’m very interesting person.
I like to be a tomboy….
That’s my life…

Thanks for reading,


When I was really young, I wuz girly, but in 3 grade, something changed inside me and I changed. My parents accepts me for the most part, but my grandma is always telling me that I’m a girl so act like one, and she gives me very girly clothes for Christmas. She gave me uggs and I hate them!!! I have to share a room with my very feminine little sister. I hate it!! I’m short and skinny, but I’ve always been called strong. I have an amazing obsession with football and art, but I wish my parents would let me express my tomboyishness in my room they won’t even let me put a shark pillow against my flowery bedspread. And my religion doesn’t like transgender or anything, so when I try to look like a boy, my parents say it’s against the Bible, and they argue that Im trying to get attention!?!!!! SOMEONE SAVE ME!!!! Peace out yo! (Dab)


I’m tomboy-ish I am in the middle between both but mainly tomboy. Anyways, my mom hates my outfits. She always buys me really girly outfits and wants me to wear them but I just don’t. I have some baggy clothes and leggings and I love to wear them. My mom thinks I look like a hobo and won’t let me wear them. She says it makes her want to cry that I won’t wear the clothes SHE likes. I also have acne and she always complains I should put makeup or go out to a spa with her. I won’t cause I hate those. She also buys me jewelry and makes me wear it. I also hate it when she says I should dress up like my sisters(who are girly). I can wear some superhero shirts,just not out in public. I love superheroes so it really sucks. She also forces me to wear dresses to events(like receiving 1 award), and makes me curl my hair. I love my hair ethier straight or in a ponytail. She also yells at me if I wear something she hates.

Plain T

Tomboy here in my late 20s. I wore dresses as a toddler by choice, but at some point in elementary school started feeling better in boys’ clothes. I wore only boys’ clothes for a long time, but then after losing my best friend to the popular clique, I felt a strong urge to fit in. I lost myself in girly clothes, never quite feeling right but ignoring it for years. It took having a crush on a woman for the first time to feel like I could finally let go and let me be myself; but I’m not gay. I’m bi, and the only representations I’ve seen of bi women are long-haired feminine types. I have way more success dating women than men.

I have to go to a special hair salon to get my hair cut the way I want it, masculine with just a bit of softness. I wear a mix of masculine and feminine clothing. I don’t think there’s space for me in the straight dating world. What I have found is that some straight men who are into masculine women cozy up to lesbians: if you’re a straight tomboy, you’re bound to find plenty of guys hanging around queer spaces. But as a bi tomboy, I don’t feel I fit into any category and as a result I’m just a category drifter. It used to bother me a lot, but nowadays I’m just focusing on other things and trying not to overinterpret my particular brand of bisexuality or tomboyness. Afterall, we all defy labels.


hey, Well i guess this may start out like all the other ones but her it goes. I’m a tomboy not any a real tomboy.I’m almost 15 years old. I have started freshmen year with out my parents complaining. The year isn’t even half over. They are like put on some make-up, fix your hair better because it’s in a ponytail. It is driving me crazy. They are like you need to start acting and dressing like a girl. I hate dresses, make-up and my hair anything but a ponytail. They act like it is a crime to dress like a boy. I want to tell them so bad it’s not my fault all i had was brothers growing up. My neighborhood growing up was boys and my brothers didn’t help. They want me to get a girly job. I want to be either a firefighter or army medic when i grow up. I just want to run some times and not have them bother me. But every one knows that isn’t how it works. the cops will find you and they will just be one you harder. I’m still holding on and so are they sadly.

just now that you have to prove them wrong you have to hold on longer then they can. All you have to do is don’t run away just try to talk to them unless you have my parents they can’t be talked to.


Matthew isn’t my real name but that is what I like to be called. Everybody calls me that. In my house I have nothing girly and I always wear boys clothes. Even in the swimming pool I wear trunks and instead of knickers I wear boxers. At school I am in the boys football team not the girls because I am to good for them. I have a boys haircut with a quiff and I dont have a mum and have four brothers.


I am a tomboy and im 13 years old all my friends are tomboys to. When i want to play football woth the boys they say “no your a girl girls cant play football”
even though i am better than my older brother (who is 15) and captin of his school team. All other girls who are bot my friends laugth at me and say “ur sooooo ugly because you don’t wear makeup or lipstick. But i think the girls are cowards because once my school was on camp and there was a spider in my cabin and a cockroach they all stood there screaming but I picked it up and the cockroach and took them outside after that i didnt even gat a thank you! They all scuttled into the corner away from me and said “ewwwwww! You touched bugs!) even though they wear lipstick like everyday and thats made of bugs right! I hope all tomboys one day will be included and get more respect.


Now look. I wasn’t born a tomboy and if I was I would consider myself top tier best of the best on the earth. I have six sisters born after me and I’m a transgender (m2f). That said, I vie for you all. Don’t envy boys so much, you don’t know what an agony it is to BE one fully. Yet in ALL my life, do you know who my best friends ever were – it was always tomboys. Always and forever. My very very best friends for all time always were tomboys in my life. I was always on your side from the start and I always will be. And even if I could get my dream come true I would probably wind up a tomboy just like you. The grass is always greener on the other side but once you’re there it doesn’t seem that way at all. So do what you will, be who you want to be, live and always live the best way you want. Ironically know that tomboys attract boys the most because they want and need someone close to their way of thinking. Sorry to have to say so but it’s true. Grin and bear it I suppose but it’s true. Ironically, boys will want you all the more if you’re a tomboy. It’s true and you of all girls will NEVER become an old maid because you yourselves are in charge and will make ALL your dreams come true one way or another for sure. So count yourselves lucky in that. You yourselves have the advantage over all other girls.