I’m a tomboy who has an identical twin which is a girly-girl.I really hate dresses and skirts and I’m more comfortable with guy clothes.When mum wants me to wear a dress I run all over the house and she follows me.Well lucky me she doesn’t know what a tomboy is *note the sarcasm*.My best friend is a guy and I have spent all my life with him so that maybe affect at me being a tomboy.My friends accept me for what I am and I’m really lucky to have them,but I usually stay with guys.I mean it’s not that my sister or my friends who are girls are gonna show me some hacks for watch dogs 2.Sometimes people think I’m a boy….wtf.I’m a tomboy and I’m straight.I don’t give a s**t about what other people say or how stereotypical they can be.
Sorry for the long story 😀


Ever since I was just a tiny kid, everyone that was a girl, that I knew, always picked on me. I wear my red and brown hair in a braid, my cowgirl hat, jeans, and boots, with my black and white plaid shirt. I could always be found sitting at the boys table during lunch. I loved the Transformer series, and The Last Airbender. When my friend, Victoria said ” Greg, we don’t watch that kind of stuff, it is way too boyish.” To her brother when we were choosing to watch a movie. He suggested the Hobbit. I now have to hide my tomboyishness. I wear dresses, and nail polish,and sandals, and makeup. It is horrible. Now, at least I fit in. Even today I must hide my true self, at the he of twelve.


I was originally a girly girl, but when I became 11-12 years old, I began to lose all interest in girly things, after I discovered video games and Sonic the Hedgehog. That little blue character opened a new world for me and soon, I began to do art of him and other Sonic characters, I even created my own! I’m 19 years old now, but I still love video games and Sonic! My mom still doesn’t get my tomboyish ways to this day…but I love her anyways… 🙂


When I was 8 I realized that I was different from everyone else I was smarter polite cute and sweeter than everyone else I was a tomboy I loved to play in the dirt and hang with my best buds when i moved 2 to first grade and met my crush he’s awesome but every awesome thing comes to an end I ended up being the biggest bad ass in school and I got away with murder but now I can’t even kill a fly without getting in trouble anyway I had to change schools and I was absolutely sure I would kil my mom but she’s stil alive I miss him a lot Kobi if your reading this remember how much I love you and trey never forget how much you mean to me


Heyo!! I have been a Tomboy all my life, i have always like to wear t-shirt and jeans or long short (nothing tight of course). I remember when i was like ten i told my mom to buy my skirts, i wore them once and then never again it just didn’t felt like me. I have always had long hair but i hope one day i will cut it.

In school some of the boys in my grade always tell me that i am a ‘boy’, but i know i’m not. For example if there is just the boys, me and a girl more in the class, they would say “there is only one girl in this class”, or if there is just me they say “there are only boys in the class” and start laughing at me.

But i found a group of friends that accept me for who i am in school, in the group there is one trans guy ftm, and he is really cool. The others of my group are also cool, i really thanks them a lot for accepting and loving me. ❤

Sorry for the long story.


So, um I’m Ash and I guess you could say I’m different. When I was 3 I would dress like a girl, but only because my mom made, and there wasn’t another choice. I think sometime around kindergarten something happened because I would only want to shop in the boys section. All my friends were boys except for a select few, that said they were tomboys.
In first grade one of the new kids asked if I was a npbiu or girl I wanted to say boy, but I absentmindly said girl
In second grade the girls said they wanted to hang out with me, so then most of the girls were my “friends”, but my best friend was still a boy.
In fifth grade my closest girl friend left, and it felt like I had no friends. This year,sixth grade I came out as bi- but slowly realized I wasn’t I’m just straight.
Those friends I had they started shunning me, at lunch so I started sitting with the boys. They gave wierd looks the first day I did it, and the boys didn’t even care.
Then, he girls started randomly running over to me at recesss. I guess I should say my best friend right now is an eighth grader. Anyways Easter is coming up soon, and my mother wants me to dress, uh feminine which is not appealing. I really want to wear a suit or something but oh well. I guess no on what really understands except for maybe a couple of my friends.
Which are all boys. I don’t know what happened in between 3rd grade and the start of middle school, but I guess I just wanted to put out my life somewhere so yeah.
Thanks for reading this insanely long post. -Ash


When I was 6 years old, I moved to a new school. I was getting bullied at my old school.
As I first arrived, I met tons of girly girls. They all loved pink and princesses. They wanted to play with me, but I refused.
After that, I met some boys at my school. They were really nice and they liked stuff like boyish cartoons, which I was into at the time.
I even met some tomboys along the way. But the girly girls still wanted to play with me and I still said no. And that was the right thing to do!
So after becoming a tomboy, I realized that life would be more carefree. And it still is because i am still a tomboy.


Well… Im 11 have ADHD and can not decide if i want to try being girly or not. I mean it seems like a s**t ton of work. Having nice nails, having to buy expensive brands and use weird a*s hair curlers and straighteners and have to use bloody makeup. I have more girl friends than guy friends and i enjoy being around both. I need advice on what should i do. I enjoy being Tomboy and s**t but i am thinking about trying to be girly. And also can girly girls swear because i cant not swear so yea 🙂



Ive been a tomboy for as long as I can remember. I grew up in an all boy neighborhood until I was 9 then we moved to the country. I love it her but I love around a lot of girly girls. My parents tell me to quit wearing the tomboy clothes I wear and wear nicer clothes. I hate it so much. Most of my friends are boys I have 2 that are girls and are a mix of girly girl and tomboy. I told them what my parents told me about not hanging out with the guys and making friends that are girls. They told me it was like my parents telling me not to be me. I get into fights with my mom about what I wear and she’s even slapped me before. Maybe it’s because I have an older brother that I’m really really close to. I feel like my parents are telling me to quit being who your are and be a girly girl for once.


Hello! Am Mehvish and am a tomboy. I used to do girly things when I was a kid. When in 3rd grade I was attracted to things boys used to do. I am a sophomore now and my mother told me to behave like a girl. She says that I am embarrassed to be what God made me. But that’s not true. That’s just a part of who I really am. And I won’t change myself anywho. Girls in school are tomboys and are not shy about it. I am just one in disguise . I am waiting for college so that when I go abroad to study I will be on my own and no one could stop me to be my real self. Am waiting… Insha Allah I will be who I am without being embarrassed or humiliating anyone.. Gud bye..