Tomboy is a word used cross-culturally and throughout the world. In some cases, it may hold very specific meanings. Most often, however, it’s more likely to be vague compass for suggesting female masculinity.

This blog is a project to learn more about the tomboys from real life experiences, and to provide a community to talk about these experiences. What does it mean to be a tomboy, or refer to someone as a tomboy? Is being a tomboy a good or bad thing?

For the past, several years this blog has been based on your stories, the stories of everyday people. These posts have highlighted how diverse and complex the tomboy experience is, while unexpectedly also given rise to a potential tomboy community–something we greatly appreciate. So please, feel free to contribute here, comment, or even email us with your questions.

This site is an open and public forum. All submissions to this site are anonymous– Aside from the name or pseudonym that you choose to post under, there will be no identifiers linking you to your story. Your story may be analyzed by researchers and potentially published.

If you have any questions about the project or data, please contact Emily Knox at eknox@tamu.edu.
For questions about your rights as a research participant, or if you have questions, complaints, or concerns about the research, you may call the Texas A&M University Human Subjects Protection Program office at (979) 458-4067 or irb@tamu.edu.

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