I’m 14 and I play rugby. I play on a all guys team for my national team. I love the fact that I’m a tomboy! I’m proud of who I am, and all the guys accept me for it. Don’t get me wrong, I love dresses, makeup, and Starbucks, but sometimes its fun to be one of the guys. I couldn’t have asked for a more accepting team, and I’m happy they appreciate the fact I’m the only girl, it makes them have respect for me. I’m a tomboy, and I’m proud.


Hi There, My daughter is 4 and insists she’s a boy. She loves all things boys and has never shown any interest in any ‘girly things’ as does her twin sister. I’ve explained to her that although she’s not a boy she is a tomboy. She wasn’t happy about not being a boy but she is happy about being a tomboy! So to all you tomboys out there – I need some advise! I worry about her… she told me last night that she thinks about being a boy while I sleep… Any advise would be appreciated.


Hi im a tomboy,it’s not easy being a tomboy and want to have tomboy friends of boys,im a muslim if u know what that is,i talk to my mom about what i want to wear, she said she wants me to be a girly girl and i told her i want to be a boy, and she said she does not want another boy,i feel bad and will ignore what she says,i also want to know other tomboys like me and tell me tips on how to man up,i have been a tomboy for 5 years,hate dresses make up and pink.

about me:love football,car, motorcycles,sports,p.e.,cats,black,blue,red,spiderman,anna akana(youtube),spy,ninja,csi…


Hey!Well I am one of those people who loves watching pokemon and doctor who instead of some crappy t v shows some girls watch.
I wear jeans and sneakers.i love video games and sports.
So yeah I am a tomboy.My friends and parents love me for who I am.People,DONT MiND WHAT OTHERS SAY CUZ THOSE WHO MIND DONT MATTER AND THOSE WHO MATTER DONT MIND.
Love yourself for who u are


I am a tomboy. All my friends are boys I dress like a boy and I am bisexual June is my nickname. Sometimes I just get so tired of labels. My mom buys me feminine clothes when I really just want to wear t-shirts and jeans.I sneak out and tag the old brick walls around my block with quotes of peace and inspiration to express myself. Sometimes I am just tired of the labels.


Hey guys my names not actually Stray just a nickname people gave me cuz I’m always alone but whatever. My real names girly with no nicknames that aren’t incredibly stupid. Since I was in third grade I always dressed and acted like a boy. I still do but now hang out with girls just so my parents dont see my real friends. I’m the kind of person that plays tackle football with the boys at lunch. My mom hates how I am but my dad loves it. The time I came home from school covered in mud bcuz someone dared me to jump into a mud pit made my mom flip. She said why can’t you be a girl for once and I told her that I don’t care what she thinks she said that I was making her look bad so I ran to my dad’s house two miles away because I couldn’t stand her anymore. She accuses me of being lesbian I’m straight but I have nothing against gays or lesbians. People should be able to do what they want. I’ve broken a lot of bones skateboarding or zip lining off the roof of my garage, no one gets how I am but I really don’t care anymore. I hate to admit it but I cut, try to hide it by acting happy all the time, it’s just not me. Hope you guys get it and peace out!


I am a tomboy but no one but my mum,dad and brother know I am. I want everyone to know but I’m scared what they will think. Also I want to were trousers at school but I’m scared what people will think because I normally wear a skirt and I want my friends to like me. My grandma thinks I’m all girly   and don’t have the courage to tell her I’m not.hopefully you can give me some advice and thanks for listening 🙂


Ever since I started middle school I realized that I was bisexual. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved watching violent cartoons, wearing baggy t shirts, playing video games, and wrestling. But I currently haven’t told anyone yet. I only have a couple good friends At school, (boys). I tried fitting in with the girls by dressing up, being polite, and watching their stupid tv shows, but I wasn’t be true to myself. Even after all of that, they never invited me to their birthdays, asked if I could be their partner, or if I could sit with them. I’m still sad about this, because I’m not like the other girls, I like explosions, having messy hair, drawing comics, reading comics, love Cartoon Network. I bet if they had to put one person down as a good friend, they would never pick me. One time I fell, I was covered in blood crying on the bench hoping somebody would help me. 15 minutes passed and the only reason they noticed me was because the bell rang.


Hey everyone! I’m Casey and I’m a 7th grade girl. I haven’t worn a dress/skirt in almost 4 years, except when I was forced to for 5th grade graduation. You will always see me wearing blue jeans and converse. When my mom takes me shopping she shows me fancy flats or something but I always direct her to the sneakers. She asks why and I say they just aren’t me. I prefer to go fishing or climb trees than go the the mall any day. My hair is either always down or in a braid. The only make up I wear is mascara, lip gloss, and sometimes a natural color eye shadow.
Don’t change who you are!
Be who ya wanna be!


Hi. I’m Matilda, Maud for short. I guess I’m a tomboy. I adore sports and practice them regulary. I dress mainly in jeans, t-shirts and jumpers (no pink or purple) and get on better with guys more than girls. I haven’t worn a dress for six or seven years. All the children in my family are male, so I’ve grown up around boys. People are continually saying I’m too boyish and not ladylike enough, but I don’t care. I’m fine as I am.