I’m 14 going to 15. And, of course, I’m a tomboy. I hate wearing dresses, skirts, etc. I usually wear black sweatpants and some sort of t-shirt that was for guys instead of girls. My school is incredibly judgmental, and since the majority of my grade are stuck up girls, I fit in terribly. I’m not accepted into any girl group, not even if my personality is one of the best ones out there. I hear girls talk behind my back, calling me a nerd, freak, loser and any other degrading school social class there is out there. I make the best of friends with geeks and nerds because they normally accept who I am. As advice, just continue to be yourself. It’s not your real fault that your a tomboy. Your just born with it. When I was only 3 I even said that I am a tomboy and I don’t care who thinks otherwise. Girls can say what they want, that’s their problem.


Hi I’m 12 and I get called a girly girl but guess what I never wear skinny jeans or girly tops. I wear plaid shirts and well just plain jeans I’m not interested in makeup and plucking eyebrows. I also have bushy-ish eyebrows and I’ve lived with my brothers my whole life. I have a little sis and I’m in foster care and my dad says I’m a girly girl but I don’t think so. I hate being called a girly girl and he asked me what I wanted and I said sweats and a guitar. Also do u think I’m a poser? just asking.


I have a really girly name and i don’t like it. it rhymes with shane though so i chose that. i have really short hair and everyone thinks i’m a boy. My mom always says “why don’t you grow your hair long??!!!” and “why don’t you wear girl clothes!!??!?!” and i hate it because i wear boy clothes and i hate girl clothes. also, theres this girl in town that i just met and she’s really nice to me. but the thing is, the thinks i’m a boy! i told her my SHANE name and she thinks i’m a boy! the worst part is…she has a crush on me!!!! please help!!!!!!!


Okay, so, I go by the name Ningaa because my real name is really girly and I hate it.  I also go by Ningaa because I am silent like a ninja but I misspelled it because I don’t want to be the same as everyone else.
It all started when I was born, my mother was only twenty and she had dreams of having a girl that she could put in pretty dresses and stuff like that.  But, I was always playing with cars and pretend guns.
When I want to elementary school, I was an only child until fourth grade when my younger brother was born.  I had a lot of trouble with finding friends.  My best friend from Kindergarten had moved away in third grade.
In fourth grade, I kept to myself and I did that until fifth grade when I finally started to make friends again.  I had many friends when I dressed as a girl, but on those days when I dressed in sneakers, jeans, and a tshirt towards the end of the year when I was tired of being fake, I was alone again.
I was the kid that began to get into trouble because I had developed depression.  I managed to make two friends, one girl, one boy.  One girl bullied me because of that and she got me suspended in sixth grade because I would not work with her in class.  My mother told me to stay away from her then.  I tried after my friendships had been weakened because the bully had told everyone about what I did and how it was great that she didnt get caught.  After that, she followed me around, calling me names.  One day, she called me a lesbian.  She punched me in the face and called me other names also.  I was the stupid one who hit her back and got suspended once again.  Both of my friends stopped talking to me, I remember trying to apologize to them with tears coming down my face.  No one believed me even with the bruise on my cheek.  The bully told everyone to stay away from me because I was a lesbian.  The truth was, I wasn’t a lesbian.  I continued to dress in jeans an a t shirt and I began not to care about how I looked,  I just stayed silent and did anything I could to get away from the person who had taken my friends away.  I argued with my parents a lot.  I went into seventh grade and met two friends, I had  gotten away from the bully and I wasn’t known as a lesbian.  I began to play basketball, football, and hockey.  I liked to draw also, but I hated the way girls wanted me to wear blouses and stuff like that.  Then, I moved and now, I will be going into eighth grade where I will hopefully make some new friends.  I still have social anxiety because of being bullied.  I hate how society treats tomboys as though they are automatically lesbians.  I personally, am fine with the LGBT community and support equal rights.  However, I also support the fact that no one should be bullied because of the way they look or dress.  Well, that is my story.  I hope it can be understood because I know it probably has tons of mistakes because I typed it on my phone.  Ningaa, out!


Hello~. (sorry for any errors-I’m writing this on my phone) I’m an almost 15 year old tomboy that just realized she was one a couple months ago. I would say I’m a different type of tomboy. I sadly have no friends that are guys and barely have about 2 or 3 female friends. So it all started when I became more self concious about myself (11/12 yrs old) and my body. I felt uncomfortable revealing any cleavage, thighs, arms, and chest. Then, I found the T-shirt and jeans! It was so comfortable and very relaxing to wear them. But, my family told me only guys wore them and girls were supposed to wear blouses. I tried dressing more feminine but the trends irritated me. I thought “society sucks” and still do. I hate all those see through clothing and shirts with billions of holes with them. As well as those tight fitting ones that can show my small muffin top. I also hated all those short shorts that would show my butt if I breathed. I started to take  a liking to mens clothing because its not as expensive, it’s simple, and comfortable. I got into cross country and bought the needed sports bras. The are REALLY comfortable and I always wear them. I also want my hair short but long enough for bangs or something (look up Ono D, Kyuhyun, or Ciel Phantomhive). But my mom hates my choice. She want me to be like a ‘normal’ girl. But she cant have that because I am a girl who enjoys being on the computer for countless hours a day watching anime, reading manga, listening to Japanese rock/metal/power metal and K-pop, and playing video games. I’ve played vg’s since i learned to and have always loved them (legend of zelda, pokemon, final fantasy, and kingdom hearts ftw!). I dont really like sports that much but i do find basketball and boxing interesting. I have never come out to my family (except for a few trusted cousins) that i enjoyed being a tomboy/crossdressing. Nobody really knows, they just suspect. And I’m really into the whole cosplay/crossplaying thing because its really fun.


When I was a kid I dressed like a boy, acted like a boy, hung around with boys and at primary school (ages 7-11) played on the boys’ football team. I was a tomboy. I don’t know if I actually wanted to *be* a boy. All I really wanted was to be myself. And that meant being able to choose to do all the things that boys could do. There were certainly many times that I thought or said “I wish I was a boy” or even presented myself as a boy (I went by the name Stephen for a while). That wasn’t because I really wanted to be a boy, it was because it would have made doing the things I wanted to do, e.g. wear trousers to school, play any sport I wanted, or kiss girls, so much easier.

At secondary school (ages 11-18) things changed. The boys I played with previously didn’t want to know anymore and I didn’t really know how to be friends with girls. Subsequently I didn’t really feel like I belonged or fitted in anywhere. What I wasn’t prepared to do however was to compromise and change who I was just to fit in. I just got used to spending a lot time by myself and feeling happy in my own company.

As an adult I’m not sure I would call myself a tomboy any more. I don’t know if that’s because to me being a tomboy sounds like a very childish thing. Or maybe it’s just that I’ve got other words to identify as – lesbian, queer, masculine of centre, etc.

Something I have struggled with both as a child and as an adult is how I dress. It is both the easiest and most difficult way I have of expressing myself. It’s easy, because I know exactly what clothes make me feel like me and feel comfortable. It’s difficult because that doesn’t match the majority of the world’s perception of how a woman should look.

I think I’ve finally found my style, and this is something I’ve been searching for for a long time. I’ve struggled against the idea that finding something to wear that is flattering necessarily means finding something that is feminine. I therefore went through many years of wearing clothes that were far too big for me, I thought that by avoiding flattering I was avoiding feminine. Wrong. To find the kinds of clothes that I feel comfortable in I shop mainly in the men’s section.

My style brings with it challenges. There are a lot of people out there for whose perceptions of gender are very fixed: men have short hair and wear trousers, women have long hair and wear frocks. I face the challenge of these perceptions on a daily basis. Not a week goes by when I am not mistaken for a man at least once. This can be as small as being referred to as “Sir” at the supermarket checkout, or as big as being confronted in a public toilet by someone who thinks I’ve walked into the wrong one. The former I tend to ignore. The latter hurts me, has happened on too many occasions and leaves me with a fear of any situation where I have to follow a gendered route. I’m yet to work out a standard response to either situation, that makes me feel good, challenges the other person and hopefully makes them rethink their ideas about gender.


Hi my name is Jessica. I’m 10 and I just love being a tomboy. It’s just great. I’m always around the boys. They laugh and I laugh back. Like some girly girls I don’t care I’f they offend me. I just shrug it off. I dress in baggy shirts and shorts a lot. When my teacher put me in a all boy group I was just so happy. I sit beside one of my best buds. We always love talking about minecraft. My friends that are girls are mostly girly girls. I don’t wanna offense that but itvdoes bother me how they sing girly songs and all that girly stuff. I’m the fastest girl in class. It’s great kickball and hockey r my top sports these boys they can accept me for who I am. Not who they want me to be.


I am 13 now, and I am a tomboy! Im not too manly, but in some ways I am! I am staright and I attract boy a lot. When I was around 7 or 8, I was starting to dress to my liking. My mom would make me wear dresses and skirts, i would tell her no and she would yell at me. I didnt care. Then as life went on I started acting more guy ish. In 4th grade my teacher even asked me why I was a tomboy! It continued until 7th grade. My friends are a mixture of boys and girls. I hang out with mostly girls though. They are all girly girls and they know im more of a tomboy. I started feeling uncomfortable this year, 8th grade and decided to still dress comfortably, but a bit more girly. I started letting my hair down, wearing clothes with flowers, and instead of sneakers all the time, sandals or flats. I find that after just changing a bit, I attract more boys, im not as self-conscience, and I feel pretty! I like to skateboard, yoyo, videogames, and stuff like that! So you can say im half and half. Sometimes though, i think about if I was a boy. I would have short hair, and I would want my name to be Braxton or Justin. I know all the latest fashions for both boys and girls. If i were a boy I would even have different styles for my hair. But, i am pretty happy about my life and being a tomboy. I feel confident and gorgeous!


(Sorry for my overly scattered thoughts) I’ve been a tomboy since I can remember. I’m 14 now and am still one. Ever since I was old enough to say what to wanted to wear I would only wear boys clothes which were mostly my brothers hang-me-downs. I’ve never liked dresses although my mom would force me to wear them a lot. I always had this idea that I’d grow up to be like iron man because I love building things. A lot of people make fun of me at school for being a tomboy. This is mostly because I go to an all girls school. I have a few friends who are tomboys too but everyone else thinks we’re weird. I’ve always liked climbing trees because I could see everything and act like I’m flying when jumping down. I like playing video games, skate boarding, riding my bike, playing a collection of sports, practicing MMA with my brother or just goofing off. This year at school our grade went on this camping trip that everyone hated except my friends and I. Mostly because the teaches left us to our own devices for a couple of hours everyday. My friends and I made up the game called anarchy football and we also did roman wrestling competitions. I would still like to be a boy sometimes just because the way I act would be more accepted. I have some guy friends in my neighborhood though and they’re cool. I remember one time we were playing football in my friend’s yard. His mom came outside and stopped me from playing by calling mom who got angry at me and told me I wasn’t allowed to play. I was so angry I didn’t come home until dinnertime that day. A few months ago I was at my brother and my friends birthday party( there aren’t a lot of kids in my neighborhood our age so we have a couple of the same friends). We all started playing basketball and I fell and skinned my knee. I walked over to my dad and asked for a bandaid. He gave one to me but the other parents were whispering to each other how weird it was that I was playing with boys all the time. My dad defended me though and it was really nice of him. My mom though has always had a problem with me acting and dressing the way  I do. She hates that I’m not like her and its annoying. But overall life is good. I don’t believe being a tomboy is a phase, I believe it is a way of life.


I’m a Tomboy and proud of it! All my sisters are not girly-girl but they are not tomboys either, I like playing sports a ton. and Unlike my sisters I always wear hockey skates like my brother.
I like playing with boys because I like the same things they do, but I don’t always feel like I fit in, I often can kinda “get in” because my brothers is only a year older so I play with him and together we make friends-boys. I hate waring dresses and skirts and only wear them to Church to please my mom. Though my mom doesn’t really see me as a “tomboy” she is always trying to make me do stuff with my hair and buy what I call girly cloths. I wear my hair shorter then my sisters because it’s thin and my mom thinks it’s cute, I hate “cute” I only ware it short because I like it cause its out of the way and is more boyish. I’d rather be a boy, I help out as much as my brother-maybe even more on our farm. All of us girls help our dad insulate barns build sheds, roof houses etc.. I love doing that kind of thing and I love it when people mistaken me as a boy, the truth is I think of myse as a boy.

Alot of people think I’m like this cause I’m homeschooled and don’t relate it with tomboy. I hate watching girly girls giggle and prance about it’s sickening! I wear all my brothers hand me downs and where polo t-shirts when I can. in the summer I even convinced my mom to let me where a boys shirt to church. I like them waay better!
I love Basketball and skateboarding and animals. Cooking is ok too (i don’t see it as a girly thing because my dad is the one who taught me most of my cooking skills-which is alot)

So even now at 14 I’d still rather be a boy, I never wear make-up don’t even own it. the girly-ish thing I have is probably my cat! because she acts like a princess-I love her emensly! the only thing is because I am a tomboy (don’t get me wrong, its a ton better then being a girl-girly) I can’t fit in, and now that I’m older even boys don’t except me anymore as a friend!