Whatup dudes, im a tomboy currently and 11 years old, so far i started wearing boys clothes like a month ago and i feel like where i belong but now my mom yells and we get into fights and big ones just to wear a stupid dress, I always win but a few days ago i wore a dress to Walmart… and i saw this tomboy wearing boy clothe top to bottom and hair was messed up, i was JELLY… i just wanted FREEDOM and i secretly wear boxers and take mud baths, and in my religion i need to stay with my gender and not wear clothe from the opposite gender, and lots of people ask if i want to be a boy ,and i tell them no but hell yes i want to be a boy so i don’t deal with these problems , i love cartoon network and regular show and like what boys like, I have 1 tomboy friend but wish i can met or be a friend with another tomboy, I think tomboys are rare and bye bye…


Hi, I’m 15 years old and I’ve been a tomboy for as long as I can remember. I love music and I use to play sport (I wasn’t very good -_-) and I am anti girly. I love to wear t-shirts and blue jeans. I won’t wear any shoes unless their tennis shoes. I have two older brothers so I guess I just got habits from them. My mom never accepts me. She always says that I should be more like my friends or that I should dress like that one girl. You’d think she’d learn by now that this is me and not some phase. She always says that she’s tired of how I act and she says she had three sons instead of two. She’s always mortified of me. I’m strait my parents are homophobes but I don’t have a problem them. She always wonders why I lack self confidence. I understand she wants the best for me. I can’t wait until college so I can have freedom and I may move away or something. I just wanted to put my story out there, and I would appreciate to know if anyone else had similar problems.


Hey. I go by the name Shawn. I wanna dress fully like a tomboy but my parents dislikes it. So, I dress in more and more guys clothes gradually. (obviously i’m getting it myself. They wouldn’t agree to get it) I’ve been thinking of coming out but i’m kinda afraid of their rejection/reactoon. In my previous school (girl school), there were many tbs, it was fun around them as they understand and respect you for who you are. Sometimes it seems like friends accept you more than yr own parents. Nevertheless, i still love them and hope that they will accept me for who i am when i come out to them (soon hopefully)


I’m 14 and I play rugby. I play on a all guys team for my national team. I love the fact that I’m a tomboy! I’m proud of who I am, and all the guys accept me for it. Don’t get me wrong, I love dresses, makeup, and Starbucks, but sometimes its fun to be one of the guys. I couldn’t have asked for a more accepting team, and I’m happy they appreciate the fact I’m the only girl, it makes them have respect for me. I’m a tomboy, and I’m proud.


Sup, i’m PJ. I’m 15 and i’ve been a tomboy since forever. I was born in a small and poor country in Europe so all my clothes came from my guy cousins and I actually grew fond of it. I despise dresses and skirts. Honestly, I can’t ride my skateboard with that crap on and how would I survive a zombie apocalypse in those hell heels. I love my video games, and sports. But I’ve always been out casted. for some reason people love making assumptions. The thing is, I’m heterosexual, I’m catholic (but i have nothing against homosexuals, bi, transgender or asexuals) and I’m not dumb either. I actually have the 2nd highest gpa in my sophomore class with a 4.03 yet I’m seen for the outside. I still wear eye makeup like eyeliner but that’s not good enough to stop the names or my parents annoyance of my anti-femininity. and somehow my music taste gets wrapped up in it too. I love classic rock and modern rock. I constantly listen to Nirvana, Queen, My Chemical Romance, Paramore, BVB, FOB, P!ATD, etc. I don’t understand what any of this has to do with what type of a person I am and why people judge me and want me to change. I feel you all, but we can grow stronger
Here’s to the tomboys!


Yo, sisters from other misters! My name is kinda girly,so I go by Huriel. I’m 13 years young and I’m a tomboy.  Every one sais “oh,look! La marimacha! (the man beast!” Most of my “friends” are faker than their eyelashes. They use me, and then treat me like trash. I’m really hotheaded,and I always have to hold back from pounding their faces in. I dont hang out with the prissy girly girls, who only wanna hang out when they know I sing. My mom doesn’t help.”Dress like a girl” “don’t be such a tomboy” “you’re not a man”, “can’t you be like your sister?” Gotya gotua urusee, jerk. 😦 always wants me to weir dresses. I honestly feel akward dressed too femininely. I have long hair,and the girls in school,try put gum in in it. I’m tough. I dont cry. I’m the hardhitting, funny, playful tomboy. I guess all i can do is smile, beat em up,and deal with it. I will never give up being a tomboy, no matter what those beotches say. And u guys shouldn’t give up either!


Okay, so, I go by the name Ningaa because my real name is really girly and I hate it.  I also go by Ningaa because I am silent like a ninja but I misspelled it because I don’t want to be the same as everyone else.
It all started when I was born, my mother was only twenty and she had dreams of having a girl that she could put in pretty dresses and stuff like that.  But, I was always playing with cars and pretend guns.
When I want to elementary school, I was an only child until fourth grade when my younger brother was born.  I had a lot of trouble with finding friends.  My best friend from Kindergarten had moved away in third grade.
In fourth grade, I kept to myself and I did that until fifth grade when I finally started to make friends again.  I had many friends when I dressed as a girl, but on those days when I dressed in sneakers, jeans, and a tshirt towards the end of the year when I was tired of being fake, I was alone again.
I was the kid that began to get into trouble because I had developed depression.  I managed to make two friends, one girl, one boy.  One girl bullied me because of that and she got me suspended in sixth grade because I would not work with her in class.  My mother told me to stay away from her then.  I tried after my friendships had been weakened because the bully had told everyone about what I did and how it was great that she didnt get caught.  After that, she followed me around, calling me names.  One day, she called me a lesbian.  She punched me in the face and called me other names also.  I was the stupid one who hit her back and got suspended once again.  Both of my friends stopped talking to me, I remember trying to apologize to them with tears coming down my face.  No one believed me even with the bruise on my cheek.  The bully told everyone to stay away from me because I was a lesbian.  The truth was, I wasn’t a lesbian.  I continued to dress in jeans an a t shirt and I began not to care about how I looked,  I just stayed silent and did anything I could to get away from the person who had taken my friends away.  I argued with my parents a lot.  I went into seventh grade and met two friends, I had  gotten away from the bully and I wasn’t known as a lesbian.  I began to play basketball, football, and hockey.  I liked to draw also, but I hated the way girls wanted me to wear blouses and stuff like that.  Then, I moved and now, I will be going into eighth grade where I will hopefully make some new friends.  I still have social anxiety because of being bullied.  I hate how society treats tomboys as though they are automatically lesbians.  I personally, am fine with the LGBT community and support equal rights.  However, I also support the fact that no one should be bullied because of the way they look or dress.  Well, that is my story.  I hope it can be understood because I know it probably has tons of mistakes because I typed it on my phone.  Ningaa, out!


Hi my name is Jessica. I’m 10 and I just love being a tomboy. It’s just great. I’m always around the boys. They laugh and I laugh back. Like some girly girls I don’t care I’f they offend me. I just shrug it off. I dress in baggy shirts and shorts a lot. When my teacher put me in a all boy group I was just so happy. I sit beside one of my best buds. We always love talking about minecraft. My friends that are girls are mostly girly girls. I don’t wanna offense that but itvdoes bother me how they sing girly songs and all that girly stuff. I’m the fastest girl in class. It’s great kickball and hockey r my top sports these boys they can accept me for who I am. Not who they want me to be.


(Sorry for my overly scattered thoughts) I’ve been a tomboy since I can remember. I’m 14 now and am still one. Ever since I was old enough to say what to wanted to wear I would only wear boys clothes which were mostly my brothers hang-me-downs. I’ve never liked dresses although my mom would force me to wear them a lot. I always had this idea that I’d grow up to be like iron man because I love building things. A lot of people make fun of me at school for being a tomboy. This is mostly because I go to an all girls school. I have a few friends who are tomboys too but everyone else thinks we’re weird. I’ve always liked climbing trees because I could see everything and act like I’m flying when jumping down. I like playing video games, skate boarding, riding my bike, playing a collection of sports, practicing MMA with my brother or just goofing off. This year at school our grade went on this camping trip that everyone hated except my friends and I. Mostly because the teaches left us to our own devices for a couple of hours everyday. My friends and I made up the game called anarchy football and we also did roman wrestling competitions. I would still like to be a boy sometimes just because the way I act would be more accepted. I have some guy friends in my neighborhood though and they’re cool. I remember one time we were playing football in my friend’s yard. His mom came outside and stopped me from playing by calling mom who got angry at me and told me I wasn’t allowed to play. I was so angry I didn’t come home until dinnertime that day. A few months ago I was at my brother and my friends birthday party( there aren’t a lot of kids in my neighborhood our age so we have a couple of the same friends). We all started playing basketball and I fell and skinned my knee. I walked over to my dad and asked for a bandaid. He gave one to me but the other parents were whispering to each other how weird it was that I was playing with boys all the time. My dad defended me though and it was really nice of him. My mom though has always had a problem with me acting and dressing the way  I do. She hates that I’m not like her and its annoying. But overall life is good. I don’t believe being a tomboy is a phase, I believe it is a way of life.


As a kid I found an interest in Soccer and loved playing against the boys. At one point I was better than all the boys even my brothers and some that were in higher grades than I. I hated my name because it sounded too girly! I always loved getting dirty for as long as I remember, played sports, played with toy cars, wore baggy clothes… my mom never approved of me- my tomboy status. I remember her telling me that I should start wearing girls clothes and would take me shopping for some. She ALWAYS bought me pink shirts and girly dresses (which i would ONLY wear to church and hope no one would see me in them). I would always be very upset and eventually got her to stop buying me girly clothes. I would buy boys pants and she would dispise it. Throughout my 7 years of Elementary, I hung out with the boys and played sports every single day whenever possible! I dressed like them and acted like them and never understood the girls in my grade and what was so fun about socializing or whats attractive about boys. I never cared to look pretty, never cared what i looked like, never brushed my hair and left it looking like “a rat’s nest” -my mom would say. Once I was asked why I dress like a boy (which I never thought was important or why girls and boys had to dress certain ways, i just wore what I liked), and i quickly replied, “Because girls suck”. I sort of regret it but at the time I would always say “I wish I were a boy. Why did god make me a girl? I hate girls they’re boring and weird and never want to have fun like the boys.” I never thought girls sucked though… I just thought BEING a girl sucked. Until this day I still agree. I’m 16 now and life is hard… Since grade 6 I’ve had no friends and never understood why they stopped talking to me and avoided me. I’m crazy about videogames even though I’m too busy for them lately. I still don`t like to wear girls clothes but sometimes I`m so self-concious I can`t go on with people judging me or pointing out my flaws. My self esteem since grade 6 dropped dramatically and is still low except that now I can talk to people again but not very open anymore. The only place I can express myself is through text. I almost cry everytime I face a teacher for help or something stupid like that. I never want to cry but I feel so low and out of place. Since Junior high, we`ve had a lack of boys in our grade. Maybe 4 of 25 at the most. It was a fine-arts school and sounded feminine I guess. I NEVER loved cooking, cleaning, sewing, and those things that are classified as ‘feminine’. I always loved sports, art, and almost anything boys liked. I’m used to being around girls now since I spent a very defined part of my life around them. Being around all these girls for so long, made me realize that I`m different. That I`m weird and no one could understand me. Some thought I was lesbian which I do not even believe in. I`m in grade 11 and still a tomboy, but sometimes I feel like i`m not anymore. My mom has never allowed me to cut my hair passed my chin and I don`t want to hurt her by doing it myself. I still like baggy pants but also bought a few girl-fashion-trend clothes since my style was unaccepable to others. I`m very self-concious STILL and don`t know where I`m at or who I am. I`ve thought about trans-gender stuff which seems so wrong to me, but I just hate being a girl. Especially now that i`ve hit puberty and everything is wrong with my body except that i’m still pretty fit just lazy. I’m going through depression and have a strong dislike in boys. I guess because I havent been around them forever, they never hang around me because I’m not feminine enough (this is probably what they are thinking), and the only words I’ve heard from boys are negativity about life from my brothers and harsh sexism! I’ve wanted to join the military but was afraid that boys would sexually assault me (which is almost 85% of what happens to female caddettes in militaries lately.) and I will never be able to stand the negativity and critism I recieve because I’m a frikin girl. I have nowhere to go in life and have no motivation to try to come up with a decision. My life feels like it’s already ended from being shunned for so many years. My brothers used to make fun of me all the time for being a tomboy, never accepting that I am still human no matter what I am. My older brothers don’t talk to me anymore except one that always bothers me about liking boys because I’m in high school now. I don’t know where to go from here and I have no one to talk to. Just because I like things most girls don’t doesn’t mean I’m gay. Why does “tomboy” have to be classified as a sexual group? Why isn’t “tom-girl” one? I like sports, is that so wrong?

I also loved being noticed or thought of as a guy. I liked to convince people that I was a boy and try changing my name to a boy’s name… It used to be prettyeasy to convince people because I was born with a lower voice. My mom had a cold when she was pregnant with me and it permenantly changed mine. I’m too embarrassed to sing with the girls because the girls sound so pretty and I sound really weird and masculine if I try to sing. I always loved singing but I never liked to DO the singing. I feel so alone in this world. I never want to be like all the other girls and I want to have fun. Men degrade women so horribly I feel useless and have no future. Right now I’m looking at no future and am failing high school. I used to be a straight-A student in Elementary until grade 6 when I had no real friends that took me seriously. The would simply say that I’m not mature enough to hear what they were talking about. Since that day I found out they were keeping secrets from me, I lost all my friends. How is you’re life doing right now? ‘Cause I just want to end mine now. My life is too full of humiliation and crap to care anymore. I requested a councellor (spelling) and can’t even open up to him without crying. I’m too much of a baby now and hate it. Any tips you would have, please tell me. I would love to hear anything.