Whatup dudes, im a tomboy currently and 11 years old, so far i started wearing boys clothes like a month ago and i feel like where i belong but now my mom yells and we get into fights and big ones just to wear a stupid dress, I always win but a few days ago i wore a dress to Walmart… and i saw this tomboy wearing boy clothe top to bottom and hair was messed up, i was JELLY… i just wanted FREEDOM and i secretly wear boxers and take mud baths, and in my religion i need to stay with my gender and not wear clothe from the opposite gender, and lots of people ask if i want to be a boy ,and i tell them no but hell yes i want to be a boy so i don’t deal with these problems , i love cartoon network and regular show and like what boys like, I have 1 tomboy friend but wish i can met or be a friend with another tomboy, I think tomboys are rare and bye bye…


Hi, I’m 15 years old and I’ve been a tomboy for as long as I can remember. I love music and I use to play sport (I wasn’t very good -_-) and I am anti girly. I love to wear t-shirts and blue jeans. I won’t wear any shoes unless their tennis shoes. I have two older brothers so I guess I just got habits from them. My mom never accepts me. She always says that I should be more like my friends or that I should dress like that one girl. You’d think she’d learn by now that this is me and not some phase. She always says that she’s tired of how I act and she says she had three sons instead of two. She’s always mortified of me. I’m strait my parents are homophobes but I don’t have a problem them. She always wonders why I lack self confidence. I understand she wants the best for me. I can’t wait until college so I can have freedom and I may move away or something. I just wanted to put my story out there, and I would appreciate to know if anyone else had similar problems.


Hi~! I’m uh 14 years old and a up coming freshman. I really like to draw read and well basically I’m a nerd or whatever. When I grew up I had hella long hair and dressed like a normal little girl with skirts and dresses and all that kind of stuff. But when I entered 3rd grade, these boys put like 3 pieces of gum I’m my hair and therefore I had to cut it up to my neck. I disliked it of coarse because people started calling me a boy. Over the time and the more I ignored those people I felt happier with my self and I kept having the same hair cut. During middle school was when I noticed I was a tomboy. I started wearing more jeans , sneakers, hoddies, tshirts etc.. I still so yeah. Um my parents did / don’t like me doing this, they want me to be like the rest of the world girls and wear make up and pretty shoes and blah. I mean I shave my legs…(does that even count??) Another thing was that….last year during 8th grade I was bullied. I was I track and I looked out to the events I had and they were in four diffrent pieces of paper. 7th grade girls 8th grade girls 7th grade boys 8th grade boys
I was looking at my events when this group of football players bump me and throw me to the ground, yelling out ” That’s the girls list not the boys you lil queer” . To set things straight, I am straight. I like boys. But I got so mad and frustrated that even in school this kind of stuff would happen. I mean I didn’t even ( sorry for the word ) do shit to those fuckers! I went to my English class like normal and we had reading time and my friend pointed out I was crying. I asked to go to the bathroom and I just let it all go in there. I was so sad and mad and frustrated that I couldn’t be my selves and the others could. I mean they say be yourself and then they start judging you! Eventually my teacher came to check up on me thanks to my friend telling her what happened. She hugged me and just really comforted me. See my mom nor my dad ever did that. So this felt really nice and I was just so thankfull. Till today I still am a tomboy I will always be. The only dressing I’ll be wearing is the one when I’m getting married xD!
But really to all you out there who are a tomboy and insucure and scared that people will judge you; they will but don’t let that bring you down. I mean live your life to the fullest please never ever EVER think about ending your life just because your diffrent. Wither it’s because your gay lesbian straight tall short skinny chubby lettuce ostrich…..wait no not that….anyway your are special! People just look for theist special people to hurt them and to make them feel like they’re not worth something. But let me tell you something. You are worth it. Your are worth it my friend. You weren’t a mistake you aren’t in a false time and stuff. Your Excatly where you need to be. You are here with the rest of us. We are friends.
And friends….don’t ever let other friends down. 🙂


Hi guys, My name is Alexus. I am a 12 year old tomboy. I have always liked wearing boyish clothes and I have many guy friends. My parents were always against me being a tomboy.I always wanted to cut my hair short but my parents never allowed me to.

One day, when I just started 5th grade I was constantly being bullied by the Girly- girls in my class. They would call me names and throw rude notes at me during class. I knew talking to my parents were useless so I went to the counselor to talk about what was happening to me. She said I didn’t need to change if people were asking me too. She told me to love myself for who I am and never change. I took her advice and started writing Inspirational messages on the wall behind the cupboard ,they helped me heal until I couldn’t hear a word of those rude messages.

Now I know that being a Tomboy is not a thing of shame. I hang out with my guy friends. We have a great time. Thanks for reading my Tomboy Story.


Yo! My name’s Emily and I’m a 13 year old tomboy. I love skateboarding, surfing, science and maths and I would like to be an astronaut or a pilot when I grow up. I have just found this blog and I think it’s awesome! I have been to loads of different schools and my tomboyishness has been looked at in lots of different ways. My worst experience was probably at private school. I was rejected by everyone, more or less. The girls didn’t want to hang out with me because I was a tomboy and the boys didn’t want to hang out with me because I was a girl. I did have a few friends, and some of the older boys would hang out with me from time to time, but it was mostly a very lonely experience. I was the youngest pupil in the whole school at the time (11, rather than 12-13) and was viewed as a dork. I tried too hard to fit in with the annoying girly girls and found myself way out of my league. Eventually however, I was pleased not to be one of them and was happy to be a reject/rebel.
Now I think that being a tomboy ROCKS! I have 3 younger brothers and we spend a lot of time running around outside, playing sport and gaming. Ok, we’re hardly gamers. We play minecraft and have a friend next door to us with a ps4, so we enjoy it when we do it! I have a pixie cut and shop from the boys section. I HATE ridiculous girls’ clothes, pink and sparkly with annoying slogans, puppies, kittens and *shudders* hashtags. I don’t think I’m gay but I never really think much about love of any kind. It just doesn’t bother me. Most of the girls I know are self-obsessed wimps. I find it quite difficult to get along with girly girls, but I don’t like to judge people. I like to be friends with the unpopular kids/ rejects! I’ve always been seen as quite a geek as well, which doesn’t help. Still, I haven’t been seriously bullied for a while now and if anything it has actually made me stronger, it doesn’t bother me anymore. I am also lucky to have a very supportive mother (my parents are split up and I live with my mum. I’m not too sure what my dad thinks of me). I am shocked by some of the stories on here involving parents forcing their daughters to wear dresses and makeup and act lady-like. (I like being asked to act ladylike- so I can do the complete opposite to shock people!) I realise now how lucky I am not to have to go through that. I want to say, to anyone who has to deal with that kind of thing, just remember that there is NOTHING wrong with you. It is not your fault. Just be who you are, because you are you and that’s your choice. Whether you’re black, white, gay, straight, boy, girl, tomboy or girly girl, you have a right to be yourself, and anyone who tries to bully you is probably just jealous. I hope I don’t sound cliché…
Okay, sorry for the length! I had a lot to say! Stay amazing, peace!


Hi There, My daughter is 4 and insists she’s a boy. She loves all things boys and has never shown any interest in any ‘girly things’ as does her twin sister. I’ve explained to her that although she’s not a boy she is a tomboy. She wasn’t happy about not being a boy but she is happy about being a tomboy! So to all you tomboys out there – I need some advise! I worry about her… she told me last night that she thinks about being a boy while I sleep… Any advise would be appreciated.


Hello, (for privacy reasons I’m not telling you my real name)
I am a 14 yr old tomboy going into 9th grade and I dress tomboyish only because my mom won’t let me dress in full on boy clothes. I mean she will let me have an occasional boy shirt or flannel but if I see a pair of guys pants that I like she will look at me and say ‘but those are boys pants” she won’t let me have a short haircut like a pixie cut because she said it will make me look like a lesbian, it will make me look like a boy who is cross dressing in womens clothing and so on, not that I have a problem with people who are gay in any way but i wouldn’t care if I looked like a lesbian. It sucks because she won’t let me be who I am.


Hey guys my names not actually Stray just a nickname people gave me cuz I’m always alone but whatever. My real names girly with no nicknames that aren’t incredibly stupid. Since I was in third grade I always dressed and acted like a boy. I still do but now hang out with girls just so my parents dont see my real friends. I’m the kind of person that plays tackle football with the boys at lunch. My mom hates how I am but my dad loves it. The time I came home from school covered in mud bcuz someone dared me to jump into a mud pit made my mom flip. She said why can’t you be a girl for once and I told her that I don’t care what she thinks she said that I was making her look bad so I ran to my dad’s house two miles away because I couldn’t stand her anymore. She accuses me of being lesbian I’m straight but I have nothing against gays or lesbians. People should be able to do what they want. I’ve broken a lot of bones skateboarding or zip lining off the roof of my garage, no one gets how I am but I really don’t care anymore. I hate to admit it but I cut, try to hide it by acting happy all the time, it’s just not me. Hope you guys get it and peace out!


I am a tomboy but no one but my mum,dad and brother know I am. I want everyone to know but I’m scared what they will think. Also I want to were trousers at school but I’m scared what people will think because I normally wear a skirt and I want my friends to like me. My grandma thinks I’m all girly   and don’t have the courage to tell her I’m not.hopefully you can give me some advice and thanks for listening 🙂


My name is Briggitte. I’m a tomboy. I get bullied and teased all the time. They ask if I’m male or female, and if I’m transgendered. They make fun of my clothes, personality, hair, everything. I grew up with 2 boys dominic and Alejandro. I had a sister but she is 8 years younger than me. We lived on a farm, so I played with my brothers. Guns.bow n arrows, hunting, fishing, mud, dirt the outside. I never really told my parents I was a tomboy. I remeber I used to play football in basketball shorts hoodie and a hat. My stepdad would tell me u look like a boy dress like a girl. I never liked skirt, dresses, heels. It was always jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt. Everyone accepted me until I moved to michigan. I wore baggy jeans, shirt, hoodie, sneakers, and messy hair…. every other girl was tight jeans, tight shirts, flats, and perfect hair. I hung outmwith boys because  every girl avoided being near me. They would pull my hair, push me into lockers, and tell people rumors about me. The day I will never forget was when I walked into the cafeteria and people throw stuff at me walked by me and spi t, and did so much crap to me till I finally decided I csnt hold it any longer and I ran into the bathroom and sat there and cried… little did I know everyone came in laughing at me and calling me she man and attention whore. They jumped me and I beat the living crap out of them. (My stepdad teaches me kick boxing and self defense) after that a teacher found out and sent me to the office where I met Mr.Tubergen he helped me with my problems he realized I was a tomboy into sports not gossip and makeup, butnhe taught me that I can be whoever I want and that im just like everyone else. Then finally one day I ignored people who disliked me. Then at home I didnt want to tell anyone I was a tomboy only my brother but eventually my mom found out and she told me that its okay that tomboys r better then girly girls. She accepted me. 🙂 then there was my grandma I dont want to wear purses and she yelled in my face TOMBOY ur such a tomboy y cant u be more like paola and I told her its my life and walked away. My whole life ive been teased and been forced to act like a lady but FUCK IT I like getting dirty, dressing sporty, and standin out. So I finally told my self its time to be me…. ima tomboy and proud