Hi, I’m 15 years old and I’ve been a tomboy for as long as I can remember. I love music and I use to play sport (I wasn’t very good -_-) and I am anti girly. I love to wear t-shirts and blue jeans. I won’t wear any shoes unless their tennis shoes. I have two older brothers so I guess I just got habits from them. My mom never accepts me. She always says that I should be more like my friends or that I should dress like that one girl. You’d think she’d learn by now that this is me and not some phase. She always says that she’s tired of how I act and she says she had three sons instead of two. She’s always mortified of me. I’m strait my parents are homophobes but I don’t have a problem them. She always wonders why I lack self confidence. I understand she wants the best for me. I can’t wait until college so I can have freedom and I may move away or something. I just wanted to put my story out there, and I would appreciate to know if anyone else had similar problems.


Hey. I go by the name Shawn. I wanna dress fully like a tomboy but my parents dislikes it. So, I dress in more and more guys clothes gradually. (obviously i’m getting it myself. They wouldn’t agree to get it) I’ve been thinking of coming out but i’m kinda afraid of their rejection/reactoon. In my previous school (girl school), there were many tbs, it was fun around them as they understand and respect you for who you are. Sometimes it seems like friends accept you more than yr own parents. Nevertheless, i still love them and hope that they will accept me for who i am when i come out to them (soon hopefully)


I am a tomboy but no one but my mum,dad and brother know I am. I want everyone to know but I’m scared what they will think. Also I want to were trousers at school but I’m scared what people will think because I normally wear a skirt and I want my friends to like me. My grandma thinks I’m all girly   and don’t have the courage to tell her I’m not.hopefully you can give me some advice and thanks for listening 🙂