I’m 13 and have recently been noticing more and more requests from my mom to be more girly. She doesn’t say that directly, but she says that she likes it when I wear earrings and other jewelry, pink, and dresses etc… I normally answer very bluntly with a fake oblivious tone and an “I don’t really like those things.”
I don’t seriously mind wearing the occasional necklace, and I willingly got my ears pierced when I was really young and going through THAT phase, *shudders*, but I do have a problem with dresses and certain earrings when it becomes impractical. I also hate the color pink. Aside from when I was 9, I have always been very much a tomboy, asking to do “concussion ball” as my parents called it, (we compromised on flag football,) begging for a skateboard, having mud ball fights with my younger brother, and the list goes on.
Knowing this, for my birthday this year, my mom got me a pair of dangling fairy earrings and three perfumes. Also, for the James Bond themed New Year’s Eve party that we went to, she insisted that I should be a Bond GIRL, no matter how much I’ve always wanted to wear a tuxedo.
I’m getting increasingly angry at her, but I feel bad for her at the same time. I suppose if I was a girly mom I would want my daughter to be girly too so we could have shared interests in clothes shopping and nail painting, but seeing as I’m my own person and not her doll, she needs to move on and accept that she isn’t going to change me.
I’m pretty certain that I’m not transgender and I think I’m probably not non gender binary, ( but honestly I don’t care because it doesn’t change who I am at all,) but I fit in more with the societal stereotypes of a boy than a girl.
I guess my point of this is that, for every tomboy, you should be whoever you want to be no matter how disappointing it might be for your parents, and for all the disappointed parents of tomboys, you have to learn that they are their own person.

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