So I’m 13. I have a twin brother and an older brother by 6 years. When I was really young I used to be super girly and dress and act like a total girly girl. I slowly started acting more tomboyish around the third grade. Wearing boys clothes and my mom didn’t really care. But as its getting more advanced she keeps complaining about it. So no I’m like basket ball shorts and really baggy shirts 24/7. She’s told me before that I was a disgrace to women. She’ll ask if I’m lesbian or trying to be a man because of my clothes. I don’t act like a girly girl either and she’ll try and guilt trip me by saying she misses the girly girl she once had. She says the way I’m dressing is hurting me even though it’s really not. Even when I say I’m not a lesbian she keeps asking and expresses her disappointment if a I am. She says it would be okay if I wrote men’s clothing but made an effort to actually look like a girl. Overall it’s really annoying and iterating and I’m scared if I confide in her in anything she won’t support me or she’ll just judge me.

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