Hi, I’m 13, a tomboy, and proud of it. Since I was a toddler, I wear practical clothes, have boys as friends and love sports, science and gaming. I realised I was a tomboy at 7 years old, when I was playing with my cousin and refused to act as a princess, which was the very first time I was called a tomboy. I hate makeup and ‘girly’ clothes, and only wear dresses on VERY formal occasions. My friends (most of which are guys) accept me as a tomboy, but a couple of people have talked to me like its a bad thing. My mum didn’t like it at first, thought it was a ‘phase’ and tried to buy me ‘girly’ things that I, to be completely honest, hated. I reasoned with her and helped her realise that being a tomboy is a unique virtue, not something to be ashamed of. My overall message is that you shouldn’t let people change who you are, no matter who they are.

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