Heyyy!!!guys I am now 16 .You know I like to be my realself . When I was kid my mother used to buy clothes for me in which I look terrible many times when I buy forks,skirts,tops . in my childhood I was totally surrounded by Girlish thing . but as I grown up I start knowing myself I started understanding myself .my clothing style totally changed I love joggers,shirts and when I ask my parents to buy for me so they think that ‘our girl is no more in our hands ‘WRONG!!! I never liked myself being a girl I wear such kind. Of clothes because I feel comfortable there is no means of being a boy just I feel comfortable I never feel comfortable in Girlish thing .2 months before I cut my hair short people treat me like I have no means of leaving in this world .my parents just afraid of this society I never give a s** to this society all I want to tell that live your life and let me be and u r no one to interfere in my life

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