Before I start writing my feelings down I just want to address my family love me with all their heart and I love them. There is no abusive relationships as to why I wanted to be a tomboy.

Okay here we go..

Hey Im Charlie my real name is Charlotte but when I started going tomboy I wanted to be called Charlie. Most of my family do call me Charlotte and most of my friends do call me Charlotte. I have maybe one guy friend who I have known since I wad eleven that calls me Charlie sometimes. When I was secondary school I did mostly like to hang around with my guy friends and I always dressed like one of the guys. I always wore trousers to school even in the summer because I detested skirts and dresses I would always wear trousers and jeans to school dances and always be talking to guys.

I had a few girly friends at the school which I am still friends with now and they were great to be with, it was just the bullies who bullied me for being friends with them. I always felt more comfortable when I was with boys and I always got on more with the male teachers than the female teachers.

I have always been a tomboy I started when I was eleven I just suddenly starting developing this liking for all things boyish. I did even start wearing boxer style woman’s underwear. I hated when I started developing boobs and all things that a lady gets when they start going through puberty. I am okay with having my boobs now obviously because there isn’t much I can do about it. I am straight and like guys I mean the feeling I get when I see them I think confirms I am not gay, I completely obsess over celebrity boys like Busted,Mcfly,Kaiser chiefs and any other boy/man band.

I guess what I am trying to say is that my mum loves me very much but she has never accepted me as being a tomboy. I mean I guess she always thought I would grow out of it but I never have. I am twenty four now and I still love wearing sweaters, hoodies, jeans, converse and I love wearing hats I love snapbacks. But my mum hates it when I wear hats so I usually have to wait till I go out and then put it on. We also always have a argument about when a event is coming up or a party and she always goes on about getting a nice dress or something and I don’t want to/ She nearly always wins and I end up getting a nice ish shirt and some nice trousers. Now that might seem okay because she is not pressuring me to wear a dress but I just wear she would accept that I just like my style and it frustrates me I cant just wear what I want.

She always hates the clothes I wear and when I pick ripped jeans and slogan t shirts she pulls a face. I love anything with slogans on it and love ripped jeans. I don’t know what else to say I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t feel comfortable sometimes and that I just don’t have that confrontation to tell her I want to wear this and that.

Hope you like reading!

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