Hi. I’m a 16 year old tomboy. I know some people thinks its “just a phase”, well it’s not for me. See I wasn’t always a tomboy or grew up with males or something like typical tomboys but, I do have a brother who helped me like videogames. When I was little like most girls, I was into girly things like dresses, nail polish, etc. Now im not. I started to become “less girly”/boyish at around age 13. I remember I didn’t really know what a tomboy was at all. Until i looked it up. I used to hang out with some people in my neighborhood (which wasn’t all boys but had some) at that age I didnt really care how I looked and was starting to not really care for skirts or dresses, but, I still liked the color pink and some girly things. When I was 10 yrs old, I remember saying that I didnt like skirts because, I couldn’t do flips in them but thats all I can remember any signs of sota “tomboyishness”. After 13, I still liked some girly things. At 15 was when I was a full tomboy. We had moved and I met these kids outside. Most were boys. We played football and I wasn’t afraid of getting hurt cause I am a” girl”, I just wanted to have fun, and still do. I remember I wanted boys clothes last year and I asked my mom if could have them but, she got furious with me and went off like a rocket! She thought that I wanted boys clothes meant that I wanted to be a boy and was gay. WRONG!!! That’s not what I wanted to happen and now I’m kind-of afraid to ask her again. Anyways, at age 15, I also started to not really be into boys like I was when I was younger. Now im 16 and I still am a tomboy. I like boys, but just as friends. I’ve been asked out twice and didn’t know that the boys who asked me to be their girlfriend “like-liked”me. 2014 or 2015 (I forgot) I did have a lil crush on my friend..Turned out that he was gay. I got over it quickly. I’m not into guys anymore i guessed me liking them like that just faded away. I’m not gay either I’m straight, I just don’t want to a boyfriend right now. The reason why I consider myself a tomboy is because I love and I mean love jeans, they are my favourite things (besides food lol). I hate skirts and dresses. I wish I could wear a tuxedo to prom but I don’t want to make my mom cry(I guess I’d have to wear a dress). We’ll cross that bridge when we get their though. Sometimes, I wish I could have things easier being a girl. I hate having a period and boobs. I just do. ( I love myself) just wish I didn’t have boobs or a period. I also would like to dress in guys clothing I just feel more comfortable that way. So, I don’t care if it looks baggy or boyish, I just like comfort. I wish I had guys friends. I think guys are less drama and more fun to be with, not saying girls aren’t. I hate make-up, nail polish and heels. I also sorta don’t like alot of pink. I wear it, I just don’t like alot of it. I’m sorta am starting to not like pink anymore. I have mostly black, grey, white, and blue in my closet. That’s why I consider myself a tomboy. Some things that I do like that aren’t so tomboyish are MLP (but boys like tht too). I like earrings and some necklaces and thts it for girly things. Oh! I dont mind being called cute or going shopping just as long as its not something super girly like a dress or something. But maybe like a hoodie or jeans. Like I said, I’m a tomboy…..I’m not gay, I don’t know if I will ever stop being a tomboy from this moment on or not but for now I love it and i dont care if my mom doesnt or anyone else for that matter. I love being me and being me is being a tomboy. I hope I don’t change at all and I don’t plan on changing any time soon. Btw. I’d probably wear a dress now only of my mom forced me to.

Bye ✌

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