What up?! XD I’m Casey. I am 19 years old. My hobbies are Basketball, Box & Rugby. But the most important…I’m a TOMBOY!
Anyways, here is my story.

I’ve been a Tomboy since…pretty much FOREVER, I noticed when I was about 5/6 years old. I’ve always played with the guys, rugby, basketball, football, toy guns, toy cars, soldiers…this type of stuff. When I was turning 6 I felt really bad about myself, I hated that I am a girl. All the females around me were so much different. I thoughg, I shouldn’t be in this terrible body, I should be a boy! One day my mom took me to work and that was the day when I told her about everything. She just began laughing at me and said it’s just a phase. I was hella bored sitting there for so many hours doing nothing. Then, this one thing flew through my mind. I’m not gonna suffer anymore, I will be who I wanna be, who I need to be. I took scissors from my moms desk and out them in my pocket, I left sayin’ I gotta use the bathroom. I locked myself in one of the bathrooms and began cutting my hair, it looked kinda like a scene from “F*cking Perfect” by P!nk. I finally felt so good about myself, person who was in the mirror looked exactly the way I wanted to stay. Thank gosh, mom wasn’t mad. Next day, I went on a walk with my dad and told him about all the stuff I came out to my mom with. He was so proud and happy…I was too when he called me his son. Next week, I went with him on a secret shopping, he bought me some cool boy’s clothes. Sadly, after few years some things went the wrong way. My old guy friends didn’t want to know me anyomore ’cause no matter what, I was just another regular girl in they’re eyes. When in the age of 14 I came out as a Tomboy…pretty much to everyone, they bullied me. Thank gosh, I was & still am too awesome to care or get depressed. I’m SO SO PROUD of who I am. I accepted that my body is a girl, at least I look like a boy 😀 The End

If you read all of this, YOU’RE AWESOME!


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