lol so came across this and decided to send in my story. I’m 13 and as long as I remember, I have like more boyish things I guess. I had a passion for dinosaurs at the age of three that still sorta exists. I’ve considered becoming a paleontologist. I used to wrestle play sports, have nurf wars, and play with bayblades with my cousins. I still kick their butts at most games. Until I was like eight, I had some girly interests too, but not anymore. I like comics, superhero movies, reading, and science. I’m a bit of a geek. I also play soccer, basketball, and softball (only good at soccer tho). Plus I use my skateboard to get everywhere during the summer, cuz we spend most of it at my grandparents house in a beach town.

I hate dressing up or wearing makeup, but I’ll sometimes put up with a dress if something’s super formal. I’ve got a feeling my mom wishes I was girlyer, but she hasn’t thrown a real fit about my clothing in a long time. Don’t want to give the impression I don’t have a good relationship with my mom tho. She’s usually cool when she’s not pissed off.

I’ve got a mix of guy and girl friends at school, and their all really cool. Some are more girly, some are tomboyish, most of my guy friends are geeky I guess. To be honest I don’t really like all of these labels, I’ve been called a tomboy before by mostly relatives, but I think it’s dumb to have to label who is masculine and who isn’t. Just people be themselves. Whatever, I don’t really know where I’m going with this, but I guess people would consider me a tomboy so I’m submitting this.

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