I’m a tomboy who has an identical twin which is a girly-girl.I really hate dresses and skirts and I’m more comfortable with guy clothes.When mum wants me to wear a dress I run all over the house and she follows me.Well lucky me she doesn’t know what a tomboy is *note the sarcasm*.My best friend is a guy and I have spent all my life with him so that maybe affect at me being a tomboy.My friends accept me for what I am and I’m really lucky to have them,but I usually stay with guys.I mean it’s not that my sister or my friends who are girls are gonna show me some hacks for watch dogs 2.Sometimes people think I’m a boy….wtf.I’m a tomboy and I’m straight.I don’t give a s**t about what other people say or how stereotypical they can be.
Sorry for the long story 😀

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