Hey I’m Natalie….
I’m a 12 years old tomboy….
So when i was young i was never playing with dolls or with other girly things. And that actually hapens and now. At the school,the girls leave away when they see me. But i don’t care!

All my friends are boys…I really don’t get on well with girls, i fuckin’ hate all that girly things that they say.
I hate dresses, skirts a.o. I prefare to wear jeans with shirts …and always my dirty sneakers.And just leave my hairs down and nothin’ else, i never wear make up (I HATE IT).

I love playing football and videogames…i like skateboarding and BMX…..i love dogs.I’m not afraid of anything. And others….

All my friends tell me that i’m very interesting person.
I like to be a tomboy….
That’s my life…

Thanks for reading,

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