Hello! Am Mehvish and am a tomboy. I used to do girly things when I was a kid. When in 3rd grade I was attracted to things boys used to do. I am a sophomore now and my mother told me to behave like a girl. She says that I am embarrassed to be what God made me. But that’s not true. That’s just a part of who I really am. And I won’t change myself anywho. Girls in school are tomboys and are not shy about it. I am just one in disguise . I am waiting for college so that when I go abroad to study I will be on my own and no one could stop me to be my real self. Am waiting… Insha Allah I will be who I am without being embarrassed or humiliating anyone.. Gud bye..

One thought on “Mehvish

  1. That really did touch me , im glad that you are still fighting for who you want to be no matter who was it, dont let someone stop you or judge you for who you wanna be. Be who you are as long as you are comfortable with it. Thank you for the great story tho.

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