I’m tomboy-ish I am in the middle between both but mainly tomboy. Anyways, my mom hates my outfits. She always buys me really girly outfits and wants me to wear them but I just don’t. I have some baggy clothes and leggings and I love to wear them. My mom thinks I look like a hobo and won’t let me wear them. She says it makes her want to cry that I won’t wear the clothes SHE likes. I also have acne and she always complains I should put makeup or go out to a spa with her. I won’t cause I hate those. She also buys me jewelry and makes me wear it. I also hate it when she says I should dress up like my sisters(who are girly). I can wear some superhero shirts,just not out in public. I love superheroes so it really sucks. She also forces me to wear dresses to events(like receiving 1 award), and makes me curl my hair. I love my hair ethier straight or in a ponytail. She also yells at me if I wear something she hates.

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