When I was really young, I wuz girly, but in 3 grade, something changed inside me and I changed. My parents accepts me for the most part, but my grandma is always telling me that I’m a girl so act like one, and she gives me very girly clothes for Christmas. She gave me uggs and I hate them!!! I have to share a room with my very feminine little sister. I hate it!! I’m short and skinny, but I’ve always been called strong. I have an amazing obsession with football and art, but I wish my parents would let me express my tomboyishness in my room they won’t even let me put a shark pillow against my flowery bedspread. And my religion doesn’t like transgender or anything, so when I try to look like a boy, my parents say it’s against the Bible, and they argue that Im trying to get attention!?!!!! SOMEONE SAVE ME!!!! Peace out yo! (Dab)


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