When I was really young, I wuz girly, but in 3 grade, something changed inside me and I changed. My parents accepts me for the most part, but my grandma is always telling me that I’m a girl so act like one, and she gives me very girly clothes for Christmas. She gave me uggs and I hate them!!! I have to share a room with my very feminine little sister. I hate it!! I’m short and skinny, but I’ve always been called strong. I have an amazing obsession with football and art, but I wish my parents would let me express my tomboyishness in my room they won’t even let me put a shark pillow against my flowery bedspread. And my religion doesn’t like transgender or anything, so when I try to look like a boy, my parents say it’s against the Bible, and they argue that Im trying to get attention!?!!!! SOMEONE SAVE ME!!!! Peace out yo! (Dab)

One thought on “Eli

  1. its not wrong to act like a boy in a female gender.
    in my opinion ist better to tell your parents that ist not bad to be a tomboy.
    Because everybody has the right to be himself.

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