Now look. I wasn’t born a tomboy and if I was I would consider myself top tier best of the best on the earth. I have six sisters born after me and I’m a transgender (m2f). That said, I vie for you all. Don’t envy boys so much, you don’t know what an agony it is to BE one fully. Yet in ALL my life, do you know who my best friends ever were – it was always tomboys. Always and forever. My very very best friends for all time always were tomboys in my life. I was always on your side from the start and I always will be. And even if I could get my dream come true I would probably wind up a tomboy just like you. The grass is always greener on the other side but once you’re there it doesn’t seem that way at all. So do what you will, be who you want to be, live and always live the best way you want. Ironically know that tomboys attract boys the most because they want and need someone close to their way of thinking. Sorry to have to say so but it’s true. Grin and bear it I suppose but it’s true. Ironically, boys will want you all the more if you’re a tomboy. It’s true and you of all girls will NEVER become an old maid because you yourselves are in charge and will make ALL your dreams come true one way or another for sure. So count yourselves lucky in that. You yourselves have the advantage over all other girls.

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