So, um I’m Ash and I guess you could say I’m different. When I was 3 I would dress like a girl, but only because my mom made, and there wasn’t another choice. I think sometime around kindergarten something happened because I would only want to shop in the boys section. All my friends were boys except for a select few, that said they were tomboys.
In first grade one of the new kids asked if I was a npbiu or girl I wanted to say boy, but I absentmindly said girl
In second grade the girls said they wanted to hang out with me, so then most of the girls were my “friends”, but my best friend was still a boy.
In fifth grade my closest girl friend left, and it felt like I had no friends. This year,sixth grade I came out as bi- but slowly realized I wasn’t I’m just straight.
Those friends I had they started shunning me, at lunch so I started sitting with the boys. They gave wierd looks the first day I did it, and the boys didn’t even care.
Then, he girls started randomly running over to me at recesss. I guess I should say my best friend right now is an eighth grader. Anyways Easter is coming up soon, and my mother wants me to dress, uh feminine which is not appealing. I really want to wear a suit or something but oh well. I guess no on what really understands except for maybe a couple of my friends.
Which are all boys. I don’t know what happened in between 3rd grade and the start of middle school, but I guess I just wanted to put out my life somewhere so yeah.
Thanks for reading this insanely long post. -Ash

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