hey, Well i guess this may start out like all the other ones but her it goes. I’m a tomboy not any a real tomboy.I’m almost 15 years old. I have started freshmen year with out my parents complaining. The year isn’t even half over. They are like put on some make-up, fix your hair better because it’s in a ponytail. It is driving me crazy. They are like you need to start acting and dressing like a girl. I hate dresses, make-up and my hair anything but a ponytail. They act like it is a crime to dress like a boy. I want to tell them so bad it’s not my fault all i had was brothers growing up. My neighborhood growing up was boys and my brothers didn’t help. They want me to get a girly job. I want to be either a firefighter or army medic when i grow up. I just want to run some times and not have them bother me. But every one knows that isn’t how it works. the cops will find you and they will just be one you harder. I’m still holding on and so are they sadly.

just now that you have to prove them wrong you have to hold on longer then they can. All you have to do is don’t run away just try to talk to them unless you have my parents they can’t be talked to.

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