I am a tomboy and im 13 years old all my friends are tomboys to. When i want to play football woth the boys they say “no your a girl girls cant play football”
even though i am better than my older brother (who is 15) and captin of his school team. All other girls who are bot my friends laugth at me and say “ur sooooo ugly because you don’t wear makeup or lipstick. But i think the girls are cowards because once my school was on camp and there was a spider in my cabin and a cockroach they all stood there screaming but I picked it up and the cockroach and took them outside after that i didnt even gat a thank you! They all scuttled into the corner away from me and said “ewwwwww! You touched bugs!) even though they wear lipstick like everyday and thats made of bugs right! I hope all tomboys one day will be included and get more respect.

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