Heyo!! I have been a Tomboy all my life, i have always like to wear t-shirt and jeans or long short (nothing tight of course). I remember when i was like ten i told my mom to buy my skirts, i wore them once and then never again it just didn’t felt like me. I have always had long hair but i hope one day i will cut it.

In school some of the boys in my grade always tell me that i am a ‘boy’, but i know i’m not. For example if there is just the boys, me and a girl more in the class, they would say “there is only one girl in this class”, or if there is just me they say “there are only boys in the class” and start laughing at me.

But i found a group of friends that accept me for who i am in school, in the group there is one trans guy ftm, and he is really cool. The others of my group are also cool, i really thanks them a lot for accepting and loving me. ❤

Sorry for the long story.

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