Well I’m here for just…maybe a little bit heartache ?
As I remember,I’ve always been a tomboy!I’ve always had short hair and I’ve always been into videogames and most importantly…whenever I’ve opened my wardrobe I never could find a sign of dresses,skirts or highheels ! As I remember the only times that I’ve worn heavy makeup were for holloween or the events like that ! In high school , I had always been ignored by the other girls because they thought I was a transegender or lesbian. Even now I don’t have many friends…actually I have only 3 true friends. I’ve never thought of changing myself because I like myself the way I am.but I feel a bit lonely…the worst part is that whenever I go out I should wear a light lipstick because if I don’t , lesbians will come after me.even one of my best friends told me once that I am acting as a tomboy while this is not the true me…that was so damn heartbreaking but I just pretended that I haven’t heard what he said.the only thing that encourages me to keep going is my family.they love me the way I am and they have never stopped supporting me. I wish all the tomboys to have such family.

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