Hi I’m 12 years old and Im going into 7th grade/middle school I have always been a tomboy because most of my family are boys I grew up playing in the woods and getting dirty But that is starting to change every since I have moved to a new school i don’t have many friends at my new school and I’m not really myself I’m kind of quite and some people don’t even notice I’m there I’m not real smart because I don’t really pay attention in school because I don’t like it I used to live around a lot of kids my age (mostly boys) I only had one girl friend that was also a tomboy but she moved so I would always hang out with boys they get to do so many fun things and the girls are supposed to love makeup and like so dress up all pretty and do their hair I want to try to fit in and not get made fun of so I wear girl clothes mainly just jeans and a shirt or hoodie I have thought of trying makeup but I don’t know how to ask my mom because I’ve been a tomboy all my life… I try to be myself at home like I love to ride quad and play football basketball and I like video games.. I believe I’m in the middle of being a tomboy and a girly girl because of me not being my self around other people like at school…well thanks for reading do you guys have any advice on how I should ask my mom if I wanted to try makeup or if I should try to be myself more at school?

6 thoughts on “Emma

  1. you should just be your self in school. i am a tomboy amd i gp to high school in trousers and jumper plus i ware boy shoe and i have a boy style haircut.

  2. you should defenetly be youself at School but if you re both or for some other reason u wan t to try out make up you should do that your Young and it s always good to try Things and just tell your mum like it is like you told us

  3. Dear Emma, I am a tomboy too….I don’t like anything that is girly…just on me…coz…i love to see other girls dressed in pretty dresses coz…I am a lesbian…and u must directly tell ur mum that u want to wear make up…she definitely will allow u to do so…thanks for reading bye…

  4. Lol im 11… i tried makeup today… lets just say it didnt end well. But you should 100% try it out. I also cant pay attention in school becuase i have adhd so yea. Anyway be yourself and sorry if there r many typos in this

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