Hello! I’m Emile and I am of twelve years of age. When most people meet me, they don’t assume I have any tomboyish traits. They usually make this assumption because I wear glasses and because of my obsession with writing, which people consider a girly thing. However, this is very much not the case. Ever since I was in kindergarten I always preferred to hang around the boys because I felt more connected to them. I collected insects, never wore dresses, didn’t care if I got dirty, etc. Now that I am in sixth grade, people have started to take me more seriously. Aside from my interests in such things like intricate drawings (I have won various artistic awards in my school. I’ve been told I’m even better then our art teacher) and floral patterns, most don’t have anything to say about me that makes me girly. I’ve always loved tragic and dark animes as well, like Mirai Nikki, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Higurashi When They Cry, etc. There are also animes like FLCL which people have deemed as inappropriate for me (Believe me, I am no weeaboo, I just love manga, anime, etc). I also have a masculine name. But, let me get to interests. I love basketball, softball, Mindless Self Indulgence, video games (Dragon’s Dogma is great, by the way,), almost all of my friends are male, I hate makeup, I have the most non-female laugh in existence, among other things. Yes, I do have some female traits like enjoying shopping for clothes (Though we always go to Spencers or Aeropostle) and liking my phone, but I’ve never been a real girly girl. I’ve never really enjoyed sleep overs, never asked for phone numbers, you name it. I like to believe I’m a cross between a girly girl and tomboy, though I much prefer the tomboy side.

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