Hi my name is yeojin and I’ve just started middle school. I started being a tomboy when I was in 3rd grade. Before that, I was a girly girl. I know. But after that I became a serious tomboy. I would only wear guy clothes and only shop in the guys section. I hated it when people asked me if I was a girl or a boy. This was always one of my biggest fears. I started to like it when people thought I was a guy. I started to hang out with only the guys at my school. They thought I was a guy too. But then everybody from my old school told all of my friends that I was a girl. My biggest fear is that at this rate everybody is going to think I’m a guy for the rest of middle school. I started to hate my old friends because they were talking to everyone behind my back. I start to wonder if I am transgender or if I was really meant to be a boy. I just hate it when people think I’m aguy and then someone corrects them and then they start to look at me all weird. I hate all the stares I get whenever I enter the bathroom. I am just so worried all the time…

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