am tasha …but most call me tash….I won’t say I love sports…fuck if I ever try them al die…am 17 ..I love dogs….of course yo I have a nigga so duuuh I ain’t doing girls ….becoz I look very much like a boy…..everything about me shouts nigga..am from the neighbour and I ain’t tripping ….am black(team feeling myself) am very playful …if u one of those serious people ..yoh bitch stay the fuck away from me…I value friends becox without hommies there ain’t people to mess around with ..uuuum am out of words ….I speak a lot BTW and also fast ..but writing nah not my thing becoz of that I don’t even do assignment …but nigga trust me up here am a real genius u get me …and BTW I don’t climb trees ….climb trees all u want….al wait for u down here ….am a niggga at everything except body coz am really curvy 36-28-40 and dayuuuuum I ain’t flossing(of course I am)…..I keep my dressing casual but girly tf noooo…..am very social extremely social ….and lastly I LOVE ME ….always . my number one fun yoh…get outta here

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