Nicknames that I call myself(Prince panda97, Panda97 or Tomboy panda or just Panda) sorry if it is confusing. Anyway my story goes like this.

I found out I was a tomboy ever since I was a child, not sure of when, but I found out in middle school. Back then a lot of things happened and it all just made me so insecure to show who I am. I was kinda hiding my tomboy side, because I felt I was too different from everyone and embarrased. So I hated myself for the way I acted, but wanted to show my real side as a tomboy.

Later on I got more of a boyish girl and could show it, but slowly I got lonely as my “friends” and others started to not care. Guess they never cared. Anyway all of the shit I got through like school, people, family, friends and the crushes i had went like hell.

Today it has been 4 years since i acknowlegded myself and only i did. No one else has realized it. But I am showing more and more as years go by and to be honest the ones who made me come out to show i am a boyish girl is K-pop(korean pop). It all got me twisted like and gave me the reason to live. since 2013 I have loved this boygroup from South Korea named BTS and they give the reason to live. Lots of reasons and I hope anyone here who has written past stories or read stories here can relate to me or I hope you can try to understand if you don’t. I have many stories of mine, but I made it like this instead and my other inspiration of letting me be myself is of another K-pop idol named Amber Liu from girl group F(x) who is also from South Korea, but she is Taiwanese. ^^ please write to my email if you have any questions. Thank you everyone, btw I read many posts here and you’re all doing well with being yourself, keep doing what you love. ^^

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