Sup guys my name is Hailey and I was a girly girl when I was around 3 and 4 only becuz my mom wanted me to and would only allow me to get dresses and skirts but I always liked they way my older brother dressed and he is 3 years older than me and and now I’m 12 gonna be 13 in a few months and I get alot if hand me down clothes from my older brother and I loved them but I had long hair so I would not get mistaken for a boy but I got a hair cut and some kid at school saw me walk into the girls bathroom and the kid that saw me was a girl and told a teacher taht a boy went into the girls bathroom and I did not get in trouble becuz the teacher knew me so I never u the bathroom at school or in public places, I was also called a boy by a Mexican family that was in the bathroom they said it in Spanish but I knew what they said since the little girl was pointing at me and the mom saw me and pulled her chilingd into the stall and closed to stall and said sicko in Spanish(how do I know this becuz my friend was jn there with me and she can speak spanish) anyways I was super embarrassed and I walked out, the next time u was at my friends house and I was wears some blue jeans with a superman shirt and her little cousin asked if I was a boy or a girl I just hate when people ask me that it makes me feel so uncomfortable and I just want to die in those moments and when people ask are you secretly a boy I just hate it so much,I hate how people judge u by what u look like, it’s just like ohh taht person over there is wearing adidas athletic pants and a nice blue shirt with black hightop vans on and they have short hair and now makeup on so therefore they are now titled as a boy, and then when you see a guy dressed up wearing pink and stuff and he is titled as a girl or even gay, I just hate it and it’s even worse when they ask what gender you are, like why should u care I know what gender I am, if u really want to know ask some of my friends taht I hang out with or ask for my name and that should give you your answer. Thanks for reading that long story if you know anyway for me to react when sombody ask me what gender I am and how u can play it off cool I guess.

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