Hello. The thing is that I, physically I am a girl. Though emotionally I don’t feel like one. I am not transgender. I am just a tomboy. I am a 14 year old tomboy who loves drawing (I only draw males) and reading and doing nerd like things. My mom doesn’t seem to accept me as one and is consistently judging me. I complained about a girly outfit she wanted me to wear and her reaction was “stop acting like a tomboy. God made you a girl act like one” and things along those lines. I am graduating from grade eight this year. I wanted to be able to wear a tuxedo or something I was more comfortable with besides a dress though my mom said “keep your tomboyishness in the house. You can’t act like a boy outside in front of other people. I believe it isn’t fair. Women and men are treated so differently in my religion. My mom doesn’t accept me. I wanted to cut my hair short. She agreed but she thinks I am doing it in order to impress guys. She thinks my identity is a phase and constantly argues with me when I bring up any topic she doesn’t like such as feminism (I am a hardcore feminist) I want her to accept me and stop thinking this is just a phase.

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