Ok first of all I apologise for any spelling mistakes as I’m doing this on my phone. My name is jasmine I am currently year 8. I hav been a tomboy all my life and only worn skirts bout 4 times to please my mum. I was the average tomboy , covered in cuts and bruises. But none of this being a tomboy affected me until I got into secondary school. The normal ‘is that a girl or a boy’ or ‘it’s transgender it can hav sex with itself ‘ started then cooled down at the end of yr 7. By the beginning of yr 8 I started thinking if I was transgender or just tomboy , had my hair cut really short and began to like the ‘us that a boy?’ Comments or a teacher accidentally calling me a boy. Tbh what I’m trying to say is no matter what people are going to say about you , rise above it and let them hate , it’s their loss! Sorry if I sound cliche
Also to anyone who read all this thank you 😂

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