Hi fellow tomboys my names Jarellys hard to pronounce whatever I’m 13 and i became a tomboy in 3rd grade not much but it was better because I was constantly bullied by wanna be girls and boys so for half of the year I was bullied I never told anyone because well I wanted to handle it myself and I didn’t wanna cause problems so on 4th grade I started punching all the guys that came up to me and punched me I mean my mom told me to defend itself and never let a boy lay a hand on u if u do they punch the shit out of him, so yea and know I play all the sports I play football basketball and soccer it’s so much fun being with guys , they can be free, wear whatever they want they don’t even have to worry about there hair I mean wtf why can’t we be like that , I can never be able to be friends with girls there so hard to understand and my friends there’s 4 of us and were all tomboys, it’s awesome because with other girls is hard to fit in and with my tomboys I don’t have to be what they want be to be I can be myself with my group, we play basket ball almost everyday. I would always care what I wore because of they way they would see me but know I just don’t care no more , its awesome not to care anymore its like being free . this whole thing probably didn’t make sense but its a way of leaving everything out . PS. I’m not a bully they stopped bullying me so I stopped too,……….……………💪stay tomboy 💪………………………

2 thoughts on “Jarellys

  1. Self defense loving it I definitely got you there I like hanging with my bros funny story one time my guy friend called me dudette and I freaked I backed him up against the wall and grabbed him by the neck of his shirt and said don’t call me dudette and then he ran off and I chased him and one of my friends said he’s doomed isn’t he then the other said doomed doomed for life he’s a goner haha 😂 I’m so evil yes I’m an evil little monkey I plan to take over the world mwhahaha

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