Ever since like 4th grade i loved Ninja turtles, but I didn’t act like a tomboy. Once I was in 5th grade i started to love it more and wore tmnt shirts and draw it and also wanted everything tmnt. Once in 6th grade i was in middle school and my school was tough they fought and the guys had guns and have gold teeth also tattos. I wanted to change so I wouldn’t get beat up. A few months into the year I started to love superheros. I started acting and dressing like a boy I liked superheros and the NBA. I wanted to be the first girl in the nba. I still do but my mom hated it. She keeps saying what happen to my little girl that use to love pink and flowers. Every time I go to the store with her I go to the boys/men clothes and she hates it so much. She always say are you confuse or something and I said no I just like boy stuff. I’m a Tomboy it’s what I do.

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