Ever since I was able to crawl I’d always play rough, I loved playing in the sun with my cousins (who were boys), I even started to dress like them. I always wore shorts and a t-shirt, short hair as well. I didn’t know what a tomboy was at that time because no one ever told me about it, no one asked about it either. So I just continued to act like a tomboy. Until I moved to Canada at the tender age of 6… (I was born in China). And I went to a school which sadly ended my tomboy experience… :/. There was this girl in my class… She asked me if I was a tomboy, and I was like, “wtf is a tomboy?” (I didn’t actually say “wtf” just wanted to show how clueless I was) And she explained to me what a tomboy was, and she asked me if I liked girls..And that’s when I stopped being a tomboy…. Cause she told me that if I’m a tomboy then it means I’m a lesbian, I was stunned… (But here’s the thing, I used to like boys, but now I’m still questioning my sexuality) So after that day I just started to act like a girl… I didn’t want people to think that I was weird, or that I was a lesbian. Because my mother always tells me that people will judge you, and I didn’t like being judged by others, and that’s the end of my tomboy story, thanks for your time.

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