I’m 12 and in 7th grade. I am a tomboy (why I’m on this site, duh) and I have been for as long as I remember. I have never been a girly girl, ever. I was always called a boy and was made fun of partly. I always hated dresses and pink and skirts and mostly wear sweatpants and shorts with a T-shirt. Now I’m wearing jeans a little more often and hoodies. I never got make-up because it’s basically saying that you think your ugly and want to change. My best friend growing up was a boy and I would mostly hang with boys or by myself because I like being alone. Boys wouldn’t like to play with my when I was younger because I was a girl and I would always get jabs that I couldn’t play as well and all that stupid stuff. I play basketball, do track, love country, love to read and write, and have a passion for hockey. I always impress people by knowing about all the different sports and such. In my school, being athletic isn’t a big thing because girls play sports and boys don’t make jokes about it. We takes sports very seriously. When I was in elementary school I would be insulted, people saying how I was a boy, acted like one, that I was no girl. I won’t lie, it hurt, but I had to much pride and I can be very snarky and witty with a sharp tongue so I had come backs at the ready. Around 6th grade people started to accept me and my parents were starting to realize I wasn’t going through a phase and they tried to get me to change. My mom was relentless about it, leaving hints saying we should get my ears pierced, nails done, makeup on, and new clothes. I rebelled and she accepted me. I got two jokes about me being lesboen but people realized I wasn’t and they accepted me. I really started to find myself, being funny kinda cocky and jokey all the time. I can get laughs and talk about sports and be crazy and violent and everyone is starting to understand that is the real me. Being tomboy is the best because I can hang with the guys and my best friends are girls that both wear makeup but one doesn’t and she’s my gamer friend that I can always trust to play Minecraft with and my other friend is my all time best friend and we help each other out all the time and she wears makeup and is lesboen but she’s the best and I am her true best friend for not caring about her being lesboen and it doesn’t affect anything. Then my other best friend is my jock friend but wears makeup and is all girly but I can trust her with some dark secrets.

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