From the time I was born, my parents provided me with everything unisex, from toys to clothing. Later when I turned five, influence from other girls in my preschool made me persuade my parents to get myself earrings. Still, I don’t regret my earrings, as all I wear is a simple metal ring- like earring. Also, now earrings are unisex too, right?
What I really regret is getting a Barbie. Yes, this one, too, by influence. Someday I plan to burn it šŸ˜› .
In my country ( well all I can reveal is I come from Asia šŸ˜¶), I really apologise for my fellow people, as they are extremely bigoted, sexist, misogynistic and chauvinistic. EXTREMELY. Mine is a country were women are STILL not provided equal rights. Therefore, a gender bridge/gap is still visible in our society, and in my school too. Boys and girls are not allowed to mingle, interfering with my tomboy aims.
But holy crap after reading the stories in this blog I finally understand how supportive and gender-neutral my parents are!
Gotta go get my daily dose of Minecraft, CoD, The Beatles and Pink Floyd.

In tomboyish spirit, forever. Bye! ā˜ŗ

( I hope you like my story!)

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