Hi, my name is Maya. I am 11 years old. I have basically been a tomboy forever. I have a brief memory of being a girly girl. In kindergarten I wore pants or shorts to school everyday. I still was a part general girl. I loved pink and purple, but not pink so much. That was basically it for being a girly girl in kindergarten. Except once I remember all my shorts and pants were in the wash and I had to wear a skirt. I cried all day. That was kindergarten, now 1st grade was basically the same except I hated pink and thought purple was okay. In 2nd grade I always sat with the boys at lunch and my backpack was green. In 3rd grade I was a huge tomboy I started wearing boys clothes, and my school backpack was red and black. I was friends with all the boys and had one girl friend who was a tomboy. I actually went to a place and some girl thought I was a boy. In 4th grade my mom hated me wearing boys clothes. In 3rd grade she thought it was a phase, but it wasn’t. Now, I am in 5th grade. My best friends are guys and I have four other best girl friends who are all tomboys. At recess I play football.and basketball with the boys, and I hate pink etc. Alrhough occasionally I have to wear a dress. I do have one dress that’s plain navy. I love being a tomboy although I face problems with bullies. Over all life as a tomboy is great.

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