Hi my name is Bell… well that’s my nickname. When I was younger about from when I was born to 5 years old I was more feminine because my parents made me that way (like I really had a choice then). They made me wear skirts and dresses and girly clothing like a “normal” little girl would, I always hated that. At age 6 I started acting more of a tomboy; it was like my tomboyness was hidden away before though. Since age 6 to now I’ve always been that type of person. I was always in the mud, climbing trees, playing sports, being with the guys more than the girls. This wasn’t a problem until I was 8 or 9. My parents thought it was just a phase but eventually learned it wasn’t. My mother, growing up as a farm girl with 6 brothers, didn’t really care that I was a tomboy but on the other hand my father did. He’d tell me I shouldn’t look like a boy, act like one, or even be around them, he’d tell me I needed to act like a girl because I am one; that didn’t stop me though. Now I’m 13 and in 8th.  My friends mostly consist of guys, I only have 2 friends that are girls and the rest are boys including my best friend. All the girls in my class except my two friends hate me because I’m a tomboy and don’t act like a girl, so basically only the guys like me. They don’t reject me and they actually consider me as a boy so that’s great, they know I can take a hit and don’t make fun of me unless it’s in a joking matter. Now for clothing matter, it’s changed a lot. Like I said in the beginning my parents made me wear pink a lot but now that’s changed thank God. (I really hate pink)  I wear more boyish clothing now if I can get by with it, because my mother won’t let me shop in the boys section and doesn’t want me to wear boy’s clothes because I am still a female and that means I should dress and act the part.  I hate it when people say that to me.  Because it’s my life and I can freaking live it how I want to… But since I can’t usually wear boy’s clothes I just wear shorts, jeans, and t-shirts. My hair I just throw into a ponytail because I don’t want it getting in my face while I’m playing (duh).

That’s just the story of my life and being a tomboy, this is the only place I can actually talk about this stuff too. If you have any suggestions for what to do with my parents please tell me.

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