I have been a tomboy my entire life. When I was 2 I was watching survival shows and stuff with blood and gore. My mum kept telling me that it was wrong to watch that stuff at the age of 2 years so, her being my mum, I stopped watching this stuff and started watching stuff like littlest pet shop, which i  still don’t get and im 12 years old now. Anyway, when I started primary school I was told by the girls that I was weird and something was wrong with me. From then most of the girls at school bullied me. Because of this I started to hang out with the boys and it was ok. Me and the boys would play football and go to the park all the time.
In year six I started to get bullied by two boys ( lets call them 1 and 2) anyway I started to hang with the girls after as most girls were tomboys( I moved schools). When year six prom rolled round my mum had bought me this really girly gold dress with ruffles and sequins. I couldn’t get out of wearing it so when I arrived at prom everyone was staring at me like I was some sort of alien. One of the boys came up to me and said that I was finally a normal person. After this comment I knew coming was a huge mistake. Finally prom was over and so was year six.
when secondary school started I was way out f my comfort zone as I go to an all girls school. So far being a freshman is hard, I cant find any tomboys and most of my friends go to a different school so when I visit we don’t have much to talk about or we get super confused about what the other person is saying.
Now I normally play wrestle with my pet dog and play sports with my is still really hard to find tomboys or any girls into sports.

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