Sup k im yasmin and im eleven (12 in a month hurray :’) ) i got bullied by girly people. i wanted to be a boy for sometime but i accepted that im a girl. i wear boy cloths and my older brothers boxers SHSHHH lol. i walk wierd and i play videogames too much (rip my eyes) like minecraft Pvp and CS:GO etc. all my friend are boys and they like me and i HATE THAT so much i just want to 3-60 no-scope headshot their heads off but yeah they are cool n all. I have a dog named Max (boy duh) and i always wanted too cut my hair short but im not allowed ;c. soz comment and if you want tell me your steam account if your up to some csgo C; heuehuehuehue gg k lolz im out thanks

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