hey first of all excuse my english  i m 19 years old and sice i m alive i m a tomboy i always hated girly staff  i have a twin and we re totally diffrent  when we where younger she was a britty girly Girl and i was a tomboy so it was ike she was a gir and i a Boy my dad and others always calld me Kerl it s like guy in my language when i was in kindergarden i always played lego and liked to hang out with the Boys and staff and when i was 5 yers old i told my parens that i m never going to wear a Dress and that i want to have a short haircut and then in elementary or Primary Schoolage i was in a Specials class for handycaped People and we were 10 Kids if we were many Kids mostly like 6 Boys and 4 Girl it was like we were a clique and everyone liked eyeryone and i was lucky because the Boys had no Problem with me hanging out with them and i mean the other classes in School didn t liked us so because we were so less studends the Boys always nedet someone to Play Soccer Football with
and i was a Girl and everybody know that but they said all the time hey you are like a Boy i was i took drumlessons played Soccer wear Boys clothes like wide Jeans and i liked to wear Soccer Shirts i liked detective storrys like the three ??? and the famous five i really liked georg she was my rolemodel
and i always wanted to skateboard but my mom didn t liked it she said it s to dangerous specially for you because you re having that handycap and i always liked to watch martial arts when i was Young the only Sport i liked was Football and i watched skategirl Videos and always wanted to have all this videogamestaff but we never had Videogames and i would have liked it if my dad had showed me some technical staff but he didn t and i never had to do somethink with technikel staff i just find it very intresting  when i got older i liked a lot of other ballsports to like table Tennis Basketball Handball Badminton hockey Softball and  i went in Karate lessons i still like doing all that staff
it wasn t isn t always easy for me beeing a tomboy because it isn t easy with my mom when i was younger i had to fight for that i could wear and do all this boish staff and than it was normal to my mom she just bought me Boys clothes and was ok with me doing boish staff but sine a vew years she dosnt like it anymore she thought it is a Phase but im still tomboish
it also wasn t easy for me to get called like i Boy because i was a Girl and i wanted to be a Girl but just in the way i was but i also liked it because i thought it descripes the way i am so it was komisch but now i know what i meant that time when i couldn t say it in words i m a tomboy after the normal Definition but i m a girly Girl after my own
Definition because in my own Definition every Girl should be a part of the Definition what does it mean to be  girly so girly means a Girl that is herself
and the only Girls that wouldn t be girly would be the Girls that try to bee like Boys because they think it s cooler but in real they would like to do that staff that is right now called girly or are acting like Boys because their prants told them that they wanted a Boy
that People called me like a Boy made me think there was something wrong with me beeing a Girl but i liked to be me to be a Girl but there was this thinking off what is a Boy and what is a Girl and after that thinking i was Boy
but in me i know that i was good the way i was and i m a Christian and so i knowed god made me that way
but right now i somethimes miss that i not get called like a Boy because i think i loosed somethink but i m still the same in style and acting and i think it is good because the thinking is another way to olders and i bmean i m a Girl and want to be known as one
one day a Boy i liked saied hey if i would see u Walking down the streets i would think u were a Boy and in one way i liked it because it told me i m still the same and in an other way i hadet it because i dind liked it that he had this role thinking it hurt me
and it wasnt easy to me being a tomboy in grade 5 i changed School and all the Boys didnt liked me and didnt wanted to hang out with me also in grade 6 when i changed School and also in my Christian youth Group but there was one Boy that was more ng out with Girls he got my best friend and i really entjoyed it i still do and than we weht in the youth Group for olders and i found a new Boy to hang out with it is so cool
and i have some promblems if the other Girls watch sports they watch it to saywho Looks good and who dosn t i watch to see the game i m not intrested in and also about the guys we hang out with man he Looks so good and im just intrested in character and what sports they like
man i told it so mess i hope you may can understand a bit

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  1. hey guys i ve heard from a grandmother that is searching ´for tomboystories to make a tomboystories book for her 10 year old granddaughter because she s bullied for beeing one they need more they only have 3 and wannted like 50 they re called tomboystories on instagram

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