‘Sup guys. Silver here. It’s not my real name, but I like going by it.

Reading the other stories here makes me cry. I’m currently 11, titling myself under ‘tomboy’ and debating whether or not I would be happier being transgender.

Life’s hard. People have to understand that no one can fit into a specific social norm. No one is the perfect ‘girly girl or ‘tomboy’. I quit dresses since 6 years old and throw tantrums whenever my mum tells me to wear one. Traditionally ‘girl’ things don’t make any sense.

I don’t believe that this feeling would be a choice. I’m close friends with most of the boys at my school, but as I’m in 6th grade, puberty is knocking on our door. I’m growing curves, and started my period. I hate it. At this age, the gender gap increases. Sometimes I just want to be a boy. I want to wake up in a boys’ body.

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