Hi I’m obviously not called shadow but for now that’s my name. I’m a tomboy and the nerdy/gaming kind. I’m not very strong or athletic because I’m too underweight to maintain any muscle. I’m in high school and hate it , I’m always really nervous and self conscious and getting picked on doesn’t make it any better. I really think I have anxiety and I try and tell my mum but she just brushes it off like some kind of joke. I don’t look pretty or have straight teeth or even many friends and I just wish I could disappear. Any  advice would be great.

One thought on “Shadow2

  1. Hey Shadow2, Your twin Shadow here. I’m no professional, but find someone, your chaplain, a friend, teacher, priest, the lady at the shop counter. ANYONE!!! Just talk to someone about all your problems. Don’t give up hope. I know what you feel like…

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